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The Élorn (in Breton - Elorn, without the accent) is a 56 km long river in Brittany, France. Its source is in the monts d'Arrée, 1.5 km NNE of Le Tuchenn Kador, and it then runs through several small towns such as Sizun and Landivisiau before flowing out into the roadstead of Brest. This river is the birthplace of the legendary Dragon of the Élorn. The maritime part of the river stops at Landerneau, where the pont de Rohan blocks seaborne ships from sailing any further upstream. The river also crosses the château de la Roche-Maurice and many abandoned mills, and on the banks of its maritime part are several family properties belonging to families in Brest (Park an Coat, le Frout, Beau Repos, le Petit Manoir de Poul ar Velin).

Latitude: 48° 23' 3.59" N
Longitude: -4° 24' 16.19" W

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