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Habsheim is a commune in the Haut-Rhin department in Alsace in north-eastern France.

Population: 4,534

Latitude: 47° 43' 51.13" N
Longitude: 7° 25' 6.78" E

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  • Air France Flight 296

    Air France Flight 296 was a chartered flight of a new fly-by-wire Airbus A320-111 operated by Air France. On 26 June 1988, it was flying over Mulhouse–Habsheim Airport (ICAO code LFGB) as part of an air show. The low-speed flyover (with landing gear…

  • University of Basel

    The University of Basel (German: Universität Basel) is located in Basel, Switzerland, and is considered to be one of the leading universities in the country. In 2012, QS World University Rankings ranked the university 121st overall in the world, whi…

  • Normandie-Niemen

    The Normandie-Niemen Regiment (Russian: Нормандия-Неман) is a fighter squadron, later regiment (of three squadrons) of the French Air Force. It served on the Eastern Front of the European Theatre of World War II with the 1st Air Army. The regiment i…

  • Franco-German Brigade

    The Franco-German Brigade (French: Brigade Franco-Allemande; German: Deutsch-Französische Brigade) is a joint formation consisting of units from both the French Armée de Terre and German Heer armies and is integrated in Eurocorps.

  • Battle of Schliengen

    At the Battle of Schliengen (24 October 1796), both the French Army of the Rhine and Moselle under the command of Jean-Victor Moreau and the Austrian army under the command of Archduke Charles of Austria claimed victories. The village of Schliengen …

  • Zoo Basel

    Zoo Basel is a non-profit zoo in the city of Basel, Switzerland. Its official name is Zoologischer Garten Basel — or in English: Basel Zoological Garden. Basel residents affectionately call it Zolli.

  • Basel Badischer Bahnhof

    Basel Badischer Bahnhof (litarally "Baden Railway station of Basel") is a railway station situated in the Swiss city of Basel. The station is situated on Swiss soil, but the station is operated by the German railway company Deutsche Bahn. A customs …

  • Basel Minster

    The Basel Minster (German: Basler Münster) is one of the main landmarks and tourist attractions of the Swiss city of Basel. It adds definition to the cityscape with its red sandstone architecture and coloured roof tiles, its two slim towers and the …

  • Museums in Basel

    The Basel museums encompass a series of museums in the city of Basel, Switzerland, and the neighboring region. They represent a broad spectrum of collections with a marked concentration in the fine arts and house numerous holdings of international s…

  • Rötteln Castle

    Rötteln Castle (German: Burg Rötteln), located above the Lörrach suburb of Haagen, lies in the extreme southwest corner of the German state of Baden-Württemberg just 10 kilometres (6 miles) North-East of the Swiss City of Basel.