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Turku (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈturku]; Swedish: Åbo [ˈoːbʊ]) is a city on the southwest coast of Finland at the mouth of the Aura River, in the region of Southwest Finland. Turku, as a town, was settled during the 13th century and founded most likely at the end of the 13th century, making it the oldest city in Finland. It quickly became the most important city in Finland, a status it retained for hundreds of years.

Population: 175,945

Latitude: 60° 27' 5.33" N
Longitude: 22° 16' 7.28" E

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  • Nummi

    Nummi (Finnish; Nummis in Swedish) is a district and a suburb of the city of Turku, Finland. It is located in the north-eastern part of the city, just outside the city centre and south of the river Aura.

  • University of Turku

    The University of Turku (Finnish Turun yliopisto, Swedish Åbo universitet), located in Turku in southwestern Finland, is the second largest university in the country as measured by student enrollment, after University of Helsinki. It was established…

  • Åbo Akademi University

    Åbo Akademi University (Swedish: Åbo Akademi Swedish pronunciation: [ˈoːbu akadeˈmiː]) is the only exclusively Swedish language university in Finland. It is located in Turku (Åbo is the Swedish name of the city). As of 2004, there are 7 941 students…

  • Turku Airport

    Turku Airport (IATA: TKU, ICAO: EFTU), is located in Turku, Finland, 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) north of Turku city centre. It serves approximately 450,000 passengers per year, being the fourth busiest airport in Finland by the number of passengers (in 2…

  • Turku Castle

    Turku Castle (Finnish: Turun linna, Swedish: Åbo slott) is a medieval building in the city of Turku in Finland. Together with Turku Cathedral, the castle is one of the oldest buildings still in use in Finland. Turku Castle is the largest surviving m…

  • Turku Cathedral

    Turku Cathedral (Finnish: Turun tuomiokirkko, Swedish: Åbo domkyrka) is the Mother Church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. It is the central church of the Archdiocese of Turku and the seat of the Archbishop of Finland, Kari Mäkinen.

  • Suomen Joutsen

    Suomen Joutsen is a steel-hulled full rigged ship with three square rigged masts. Built in 1902 by Chantiers de Penhoët in St. Nazaire, France, as Laënnec, the ship served two French owners before she was sold to German interest in 1922 and renamed …

  • Kultaranta

    Kultaranta (Swedish: Gullranda; lit. "Golden Beach") is the summer residence of the President of Finland. It is located in the district of Kultaranta on the island of Luonnonmaa, in Naantali.

  • Ruissalo

    Ruissalo (Finnish; Runsala in Swedish) is an island in the Archipelago Sea and a district of the city of Turku, Finland. The island is located to the south-west of the city, between Hirvensalo and Pansio in the mainland. It is rather sparsely popula…

  • Port of Turku

    The Port of Turku (Finnish: Turun satama, Swedish: Åbo hamn and English: Turku Harbour) is a port located in the south-west of Finland, where the mainland meets the beginning of the Turku archipelago.

  • HK Arena

    HK Areena (formerly Elysée Arena, Typhoon and Turkuhalli), is an arena in Turku, Finland. It is primarily used for ice hockey, and is the home arena of TPS, but it is also frequently used to host concerts and other events.