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Massawa (Arabic: مصوع‎, Maṣṣawaʿ, Italian: Massaua), also known as Mitsiwa (Ge'ez: ምጽዋዕ, Miṣṣiwa), Batsiʿ (Ge'ez: ባጽዕ, Bāṣiʿ, formerly ባጽዕ, Bāṣ́iʿ), and Badi (Arabic: بِضع‎, Baḍiʿ), is a city on the Red Sea coast of Eritrea located at the northern end of the Gulf of Zula beside the Dahlak Archipelago. An important port for many centuries, it was ruled by a succession of polities, including the Axumite Empire, Medri Bahri Kingdom, the Umayyad Caliphate, various Beja sultanates, the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, Italy, Britain, and Ethiopia, until Eritrea's independence in 1991.

Population: 23,100

Latitude: 15° 36' 29.20" N
Longitude: 39° 28' 28.38" E

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