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Barentu (Tigrinya: ባረንቱ? Tigrinya pronunciation: [barɐntu]) is a town in south-western Eritrea, lying south of Agordat on the continent of Africa. It is mainly inhabited by the Nilotic Kunama people and Nara people. The Nara people leader Shekaray Agaba was the first to build the town umba arenku which it means the white water. It is located in the Gash-Barka Zone of Eritrea. Barentu is the largest town in the Gash-Barka Zone in Eritrea, lying west of Asmara. It is the capital of the Gash-Barka and home of the Nara and Kunama tribe. The city is integrated with different types of tribes; Kunama, Nara, Tigre and Tigrigna being the dominant. Its climate is semi-desert hot during summer and cold during winter.

Population: 15,891

Latitude: 15° 06' 20.95" N
Longitude: 37° 35' 26.41" E

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