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Dar El Beïda (Arabic: الدار البضاء‎) is a suburb of Algiers, Algeria. It is the seat of the district with the same name. During French colonian times, it was officially called with its French name Maison Blanche (French pronunciation: ​[mɛzɔ̃ blɑ̃ʃ]), which meant the same thing as its current Arabic name: (the) white house. (This Arabic name is shared with Casablanca in Morocco, in that case a translation from Spanish). It is pronounced [ɑdːɑr.ulbɑjdˤɑʔ] in Classical Arabic and [(ə)dɑr.(əl)bɑjdɑ] in Darja. It has an area of 3200 hectares (32 km²/12 sq mi). It is home to the international Houari Boumedienne Airport, the largest in Algeria. The airport is divided into two main terminals, one for international flights and the older one for domestic flights. It has 44,753 inhabitants as of the 1998 census.

Population: 37,311

Latitude: 36° 42' 47.99" N
Longitude: 3° 12' 45.00" E

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