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Bogotá (/ˌbɒɡəˈtɑː/, /ˌbɡəˈtɑː/; Spanish pronunciation: [boɣoˈta]) officially Bogotá, Distrito Capital, abbreviated Bogotá, D.C (during the time of Spanish rule and from 1991-2000 called Santafé de Bogotá) is the capital of Colombia and the department of Cundinamarca. It is administered as Capital District, and has autonomy in the management of its interests within the limits of the Constitution and the law. Bogotá is a territorial entity of the first order, with administrative powers that the law gives to the departments.

Population: 7,674,366

Latitude: 4° 36' 34.96" N
Longitude: -74° 04' 54.30" W

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  • Bogotá

    Bogotá D.C. (/ˌbɒɡəˈtɑː/, /ˌbɡəˈtɑː/; Spanish pronunciation: [boɣoˈta]) is the capital of Colombia with 6,778,691 inhabitants as of 2005. According to estimations the population would have risen to 7,363,782 by 2010. Bogotá and its metropolitan ar…

  • Gran Colombia

    Gran Colombia (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈɡɾaŋ koˈlombja], "Great Colombia") is a name used today for the state that encompassed much of northern South America and part of southern Central America from 1819 to 1831. This short-lived republic included …

  • Viceroyalty of New Granada

    The Viceroyalty of New Granada (Spanish: Virreinato de la Nueva Granada) was the name given on 27 May 1717, to the jurisdiction of the Spanish Empire in northern South America, corresponding mainly to modern Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Venezuela.

  • Republic of New Granada

    The Republic of New Granada was a centralist republic consisting primarily of present-day Colombia and Panama with smaller portions of today's Ecuador, and Venezuela. It was created after the dissolution in 1830 of Gran Colombia.The Republic was est…

  • Torre Colpatria

    Torre Colpatria (Colpatria Tower) is a 50-story skyscraper located at the downtown area in Bogotá, Colombia. It is the tallest building in the country and the fourth in South America. It was constructed from 1978 until 1979, and has a total height o…

  • Granadine Confederation

    The Granadine Confederation (Spanish: Confederación Granadina) was a short-lived federal republic established in 1858 as a result of a constitutional change replacing the Republic of New Granada. It comprised the present day nations of Colombia and …

  • Bolívar Square

    The Bolívar Square (Spanish: Plaza de Bolívar o Plaza Bolívar) is located in the heart of the historical area of Bogotá. It has a statue of Simón Bolívar sculpted in 1846 by the Italian Pietro Tenerani, which was the first ever public monument in th…

  • La Candelaria

    La Candelaria is a historic neighborhood in downtown Bogotá, Colombia. It is the equivalent to the Old City in other cities. The architecture of the old houses, churches and buildings has Spanish Colonial, Baroque and art deco styles.