Latitude and longitude of Xizhimen Station

Satellite map of Xizhimen Station

Xizhimen Station (simplified Chinese: 西直门站; traditional Chinese: 西直門站; pinyin: Xīzhímén Zhàn) is an interchange station for Line 2, Line 4 and Line 13 of the Beijing Subway. Just outside of this station is Beijing North Railway Station. When Line 4 of the Beijing Subway opened and passed through Xizhimen Station, it became the second 3-way transfer station (the first being Dongzhimen Station). Xizhimen Station is also considered one of the most crowded stations of the whole Beijing Subway system.

Latitude: 39° 56' 25.80" N
Longitude: 116° 21' 18.00" E

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GPS coordinates of Xizhimen Station, China

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