Latitude and longitude of Zhenjue Temple

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The Five Pagoda Temple (Chinese: 五塔寺; pinyin: Wǔ Tǎ Sì), formally known as the "Temple of the Great Righteous Awakening" (simplified Chinese: 大真觉寺; traditional Chinese: 大真覺寺; pinyin: Dà Zhēnjué Sì) or "Zhenjue Temple" (Chinese: 真觉寺; Chinese: 真覺寺; pinyin: Zhēnjué Sì) for short, is a Buddhist temple from the era of the Ming Dynasty located in the in the Haidian District of the city of Beijing, China.

Latitude: 39° 56' 22.16" N
Longitude: 116° 19' 16.38" E

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