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Valdivia (Spanish pronunciation: [balˈd̪iβja]) is a city and commune in southern Chile, administered by the Municipality of Valdivia. The city is named after its founder Pedro de Valdivia and is located at the confluence of the Calle-Calle, Valdivia, and Cau-Cau Rivers, approximately 15 km (9 mi) east of the coastal towns of Corral and Niebla. Since October 2007, Valdivia has been the capital of Los Ríos Region and is also the capital of Valdivia Province. The national census of 2002 census recorded the commune of Valdivia as having 140,559 inhabitants (Valdivianos), of whom 127,750 were living in the city. The main economic activities of Valdivia include tourism, wood pulp manufacturing, forestry, metallurgy, and beer production.

Population: 133,419

Latitude: -39° 48' 51.19" S
Longitude: -73° 14' 45.20" W

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  • Los Ríos Region

    The XIV Los Ríos Region (Spanish: XIV Región de Los Ríos, literally in English: XIV Region of the Rivers) is one of Chile's 15 regions, the country's first order administrative divisions. Its capital is Valdivia. Pop. 363,887 (2012 census). It began…

  • 1575 Valdivia earthquake

    The 1575 Valdivia earthquake occurred in Chile and caused the subsequent flood of Valdivia much like the 1960 Valdivia earthquake caused the ensuing Riñihuazo flooding. It occurred at 14:30 local time on December 16, 1575. It had an estimated magnit…

  • Austral University of Chile

    Austral University of Chile (Spanish: Universidad Austral de Chile or UACh) is a research university in Chile based in Valdivia although it has some institutions and careers in Puerto Montt. Founded by decree on 7 September 1954 it is one of the eig…

  • Kunstmann

    Kunstmann is a Chilean beer produced in Torobayo, Valdivia. The production began when the German-Chilean family Kunstmann started to brew for personal use in the 1960s, after Valdivia's main brewery Anwandter was destroyed by the 1960 Valdivia earth…

  • Niebla, Chile

    Niebla (Spanish for fog) is a coastal Chilean town close to the city of Valdivia, Valdivia Province, Los Ríos Region. Niebla is located on the northern edge, at the mouth of the Valdivia River, across from Corral. Niebla's beach and folk market are …

  • Teja Island

    The island holds the main campus of Universidad Austral de Chile and since the construction of Río Cruces bridge in 1987 it became the main route to the neighboring areas of Niebla, Corral and Mancera Island.

  • Corral Bay

    Corral Bay is a bay in the mouth of the Valdivia River, southern Chile. Its main towns are Corral and Niebla. The mouth of the bay is between Juan Latorre point and Morro Gonzalo, with a width of 5.5 km. All the year the bay is transited by merchant…

  • Cau-Cau River

    Cau-Cau River is minor river in the city of Valdivia, southern Chile. Cau-Cau River acts as a regulating channel between Cruces River and Calle-Calle River forming the Isla Teja island in front of the city centre.

  • Torobayo

    Torobayo is a suburb of Valdivia, Chile. It lies west of Isla Teja and connects to the city through Río Cruces Bridge. The Kunstmann beer factory and restaurant list within Torobayo and produces an ale beer named Torobayo Ale.

  • Punucapa

    Punucapa (from Mapudungun Cunucapi, black/fertile earth for legumes) is a hamlet (Spanish: caserío) of pre-Hispanic origin in Los Ríos Region, Chile. Its isolated location by the Cruces River and the Valdivian Coastal Range has make the village an e…

  • Máfil

    Máfil (Mapudungun for embraced between rivers) is a town and commune of the Valdivia Province, Los Ríos Region in southern Chile, about 30 km northeast of Valdivia.

  • Cruces River

    The Cruces River (Spanish: Río Cruces) is a river near Valdivia, Chile. Río Cruces originates from hills near the Villarica volcano and flows then in south-west direction. The southern and final part of the river follows the Valdivian Coastal Range.…