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Ararat is a city in Armenia.

Population: 28,832

Latitude: 39° 49' 53.98" N
Longitude: 44° 42' 17.60" E

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  • Karki, Azerbaijan

    Karki (also Kərki, Kiarki, Kyarki) or Tigranashen is de jure an exclave of Azerbaijan's Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Since May 1992 following the Nagorno-Karabakh War, it has been controlled de facto by Armenia, which administers the territory as…

  • Artaxata

    Artashat (Armenian: Արտաշատ); Hellenized as Artaxata (Greek: Ἀρτάξατα), was a large commercial city and the capital of ancient Armenia during the reign of king Artaxias I; the founder of the Artaxiad Dynasty of the ancient Kingdom of Armenia. The na…

  • Vedi

    Vedi (Armenian: Վեդի), is a town in the Ararat Province of Armenia, situated along the Vedi River. As of the 2011 census, the population of the town is 11,384.

  • Masis, Armenia

    Masis (Armenian: Մասիս), is a town in the Ararat Province of Armenia, located on the left bank of the Hrazdan River, 9 km southwest of Yerevan towards the Mount Ararat. The town has a large railroad commodity station that serves Yerevan, and used to…

  • Yelpin

    Yelpin (/jɛlˈpn/; Armenian: Ելփին; also Romanized as Yelp’in and Elpin) is a village community located in the South-West of Armenia in Vayots Dzor province (marz). It is located 97 km away from Yerevan and 27 km away from provincial center Yeghegn…

  • Verin Artashat

    Verin Artashat (Armenian: Վերին Արտաշատ; also, Artashat, Verkhniy Artashat, and Ardashar) is a village in the Ararat Province of Armenia. It sits adjacent to the ruins of the ancient city of Dvin. In addition to Armenians, the town is also populated…

  • Avshar, Ararat

    Avshar (Armenian: Ավշար) is a major village in the Ararat Province of Armenia. It hosted the 1993 and 1995 CYMA – Canadian Youth Mission to Armenia led by Archbishop Hovnan Derderian and Ronald Alepian.

  • Zangakatun

    Zangakatun (Armenian: Զանգակատուն; until 1948, Chanakhchi and Russified as Nizhniye Chanakhchi, from 1948-1992, Sovetashen) is a village in the Ararat Province of Armenia. Zangakatun is the birthplace and burial site of Paruyr Sevak; his house is a …

  • Yeraskh

    Yeraskh (Armenian: Երասխ, also Romanized as Eraskh; formerly, Arazdayan) is a town in the Ararat Province of Armenia. Yeraskh is the last town in Armenia at the border with Nakhichevan on what used to be the main road and rail connections between Na…

  • Verin Dvin

    Verin Dvin (Armenian: Վերին Դվին; also, Aysori Dvin and Verkhniy Dvin) is a village in the Ararat Province of Armenia located 30 kilometers south of Yerevan. The largest Assyrian community in Armenia is in Verin Dvin, where around 2,000 out of the 2…