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Kābul (Persian: کابل‎, Pashto: کابل‎) is the capital of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as well as the largest city of Afghanistan, located in the eastern section of Afghanistan. According to a 2012 estimate, the population of the city was around 3,289,000, which includes all the major ethnic groups.

Population: 3,043,532

Latitude: 34° 31' 41.27" N
Longitude: 69° 10' 20.39" E

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  • Hamid Karzai International Airport

    Hamid Karzai International Airport (Persian: میدان هوائی بین المللی حامدکرزی‎, Pashto: د حامدکرزی نړيوال هوائي ډګر‎, IATA: KBL, ICAO: OAKB), also known as Kabul International Airport, is located 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) from the city center of Kabul in…

  • Operation Storm-333

    Operation Storm-333 (Шторм-333, Shtorm-333) was the codename of an operation that was originally scheduled to happen on December 14, 1979 but was postponed to the 27th of December, in which Soviet Forces stormed the Tajbeg Palace in Afghanistan and …

  • Salt Pit

    The Salt Pit is the codename of an isolated clandestine CIA black site prison and interrogation center in Afghanistan. Another codename of the same site is Cobalt. It is located north of Kabul and was the location of a brick factory prior to the Afg…

  • Gardens of Babur

    The Gardens of Babur, locally called Bagh-e Babur (Pashto: باغ بابر‎/Persian: باغ بابر‎), is a historic park in Kabul, Afghanistan, and also the last resting-place of the first Mughal emperor Babur.

  • Darul Aman Palace

    Darul Aman Palace [Pashto: د دارال امن ماڼۍ] ("abode of peace" or, in a double meaning "abode of Aman[ullah]") is a European-style palace, now ruined, located about sixteen kilometers (ten miles) outside of the center of Kabul, Afghanistan.

  • Tajbeg Palace

    Tajbeg Palace or Tapa-e-Tajbeg Palace (Persian: قصر تاج بيگ ‎;Pashto: د تاج بېګ ماڼۍ‎ Palace of the large crown) is a Palace built in the 1920s and located about ten miles (16 km) outside of the center of Kabul, Afghanistan. The stately mansion sits…

  • Ghazi Stadium

    Ghazi Stadium (Pashto: غازی لوبغالی) (Persian: ورزشگاه غازى‎) is a multi-purpose stadium in Kabul, Afghanistan, mainly used to play football. It is sometimes called by other names such as the Afghan Football Federation Stadium.

  • National Museum of Afghanistan

    The National Museum of Afghanistan (Persian: موزیم ملی افغانستان, Muzem-e milli-ye Afghanistan; Pashto: د افغانستان ملی موزیم‎, De Afghanistan Milli Meauziam), also known as the Afghan National Museum or sometimes the Kabul Museum, is a two-story bu…

  • Bala Hissar, Kabul

    Bala Hissar is an ancient fortress located in the city of Kabul, Afghanistan. The estimated date of construction is around the 5th century A.D. Bala Hissar sits to the south of the modern city centre at the tail end of the Kuh-e-Sherdarwaza Mountain…

  • Kam Air Flight 904

    Kam Air Flight 904 was involved in a fatal aviation accident over the Pamir mountains of Afghanistan in February 2005. The incident took place shortly after 4:00 p.m.local time (UTC+4:30) on February 3, when a Kam Air Boeing 737-200 jet aircraft ope…

  • Pul-e-Charkhi prison

    Pul-e-Charkhi (Persian: زندان پل چرخی), also known as Pul-i-Charkhi or Afghan National Detention Facility, is the largest prison in Afghanistan east of Kabul. Construction of the jail began in the 1970s by order of former president Mohammed Daoud Kh…

  • Kabul Medical University

    Kabul Medical University (Persian: دانشگاه طب کابل Pashto: د کابل طبي پوهنتون‎) formerly known as Kabul Medical Institute) is located in Kabul, Afghanistan on the campus of Kabul University. The medical institution was initially maintained by collab…

  • Abdul Rahman Mosque

    The Abdul Rahman Mosque (Dari: مسجد عبدالرحمان; Pashto: د عبدالرحمان جومات‎), also known as the Grand Mosque of Kabul, is one of the largest mosques in Afghanistan. It is located in one of Kabul's commercial areas called Deh Afghanan, near the Pasht…