Latitude and longitude of Hindu Kush

Satellite map of Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush (/kʊʃ, kʃ/; Pashto, Persian and Urdu: هندوکش‎), also known in Sanskrit as Pāriyātra Parvata and in Ancient Greek as the Caucasus Indicus Ancient Greek: Καύκασος Ινδικός) or Paropamisadae (Ancient Greek: Παροπαμισάδαι), is an 800-kilometre-long (500 mi) mountain range that stretches between central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. It is a western subrange of the Himalayas. It divides the valley of the Amu Darya (the ancient Oxus) to the north from the Indus River valley to the south.

Latitude: 35° 00' 0.00" N
Longitude: 71° 00' 0.00" E

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GPS coordinates of Hindu Kush, Afghanistan

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