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  • Tuli, Zimbabwe

    Tuli is a village in the province of Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe. It is located about 90 km west of Beitbridge on the eastern bank of the Shashe River. The village grew around Fort Tuli which was the first settlement built by the Pioneer Column in …

  • Somabhula

    Somabhula is a village in Midlands province in Zimbabwe. It is also the rail junction for Zimbabwe's southern links to neighboring Mozambique and South Africa. It was a major beef and mixed farming area up until the time that Robert Mugabe and Zanu-…

  • Silobela

    Silobela is an agricultural village in Kwekwe District in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe. It is located about 60 kilometres (37 mi) west of Kwekwetown, 80 kilometres (50 mi) north-west of Gweru town, and bordering Nkayi on the west. Most of the i…

  • Rutenga

    Rutenga is a growth point in Masvingo Province in Zimbabwe. It straddles the A4 highway between Beitbridge and Masvingo.

  • Mvurwi

    Mvurwi is a town in Mashonaland Central province in Zimbabwe. Some of Mvurwi's schools include Holy Rosary Primary and Secondary School, Mvurwi Primary and High School and Umvukwesi Primary School which is one of the town's most elite learning facil…

  • Mount Selinda

    Mount Selinda, at an altitude of 1,100 metres, is a village and mission station in the province of Manicaland in the eastern mountains of Zimbabwe. Located close to the Mozambique border, it lies in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

  • Mount Hampden

    Mount Hampden is a village in Mashonaland East province in Zimbabwe. It is about 11 miles from the capital Harare. It was the original destination of the Rhodesian Pioneer Column, the Column eventually settled some 11 miles to the south.

  • Masvingo District

    Masvingo District encampases metropolitan Masvingo, in Masvingo Province in southern Zimbabwe. The district boasts of the Great Zimbabwe National Monument among its list of tourist attractions. Lake Kyle is also nearby. The people in the district ar…

  • Maranda, Zimbabwe

    Maranda, locally known as "No. 1", is a small business center on the northern edge of Mwenezi (District), Zimbabwe. It is the home town of Dr. Love (Paul Matavire), the former popular musician and Nikita Mangena, Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army…

  • JZ Moyo High School

    JZ Moyo High School (Jason Ziyaphapha Moyo High School), formerly Majoda School, is a government high school for girls and boys. It is located in the former Majoda Farm, approximately 12 km north of West Nicholson on the road to Filabusi and Mavako,…

  • Blanket Mine

    Blanket Mine is a village and mine in the province of Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe. It is located about 6 km north-west of Gwanda and is a gold mine and associated residential and commercial centres.

  • Battlefields

    Battlefields is a small settlement in Mashonaland West province in Zimbabwe. It is located off the main road from Harare to Bulawayo between Kadoma and Kwekwe.

  • The Avenues, Harare

    The Avenues is a mixed purpose suburb in Harare, Zimbabwe. It consists of blocks of apartments, businesses and diplomatic missions. The suburb is laid out in the form of a rectangular grid, about 1 km to the north of the central business district. o…

  • Ascot Stadium

    Ascot Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Gweru, Zimbabwe. It is currently used mostly for football matches and serves as the home stadium for Hardbody F.C and Chapungu United. The stadium has a capacity of 5,000 people.

  • Vubachikwe

    Vubachikwe is a village and mine in the province of Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe. It is located about 8 km north-west of Gwanda. According to the 1982 Population Census, the village had a population of 2,077. The village grew up as the residential a…

  • Stapleford, Zimbabwe

    Stapleford is a village in the province of Manicaland, Zimbabwe, located northeast of Penhalonga. The village is the centre of the local timber industry and is on the edge of the Stapleford Forest near Lake Alexander.