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  • Gweru-Thornhill Air Base

    Gweru-Thornhill Air Base (IATA: GWE, ICAO: FVTL) is one of the two main air bases of the Air Force of Zimbabwe located near the central city of Gweru, Thornhill Air Base is home to air force fighter squadrons and the Pilot Training School.

  • Emerald Hill, Zimbabwe

    Emerald Hill is a north-western suburb of Harare, Zimbabwe, named so because of either (i) the colour of the hill due to the large number of trees or (ii) an Irish connection: many of the roads in the suburb have Irish names.

  • Chisumbanje

    Chisumbanje is an area in the Province of Manicaland, Zimbabwe. It is situated in Chipinge District, one of the seven districts in Manicaland Province.

  • Chirundu, Zimbabwe

    Chirundu is a village and border post in Zimbabwe on the border with Zambia, in Mashonaland West province. The name Chirundu means "people following one another in a line or queue" probably referring to the crossing of the Zambezi river by bridge at…

  • Beitbridge District

    Beitbridge is a district in Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe's poorest province, 527 kilometers south of Harare, 18 kilometers north of Messina and 548 kilometers north of Johannesburg. Beitbridge district is located in the Lowveld area. The town lies 6…

  • Barbourfields Stadium

    Barbourfields Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, home to Highlanders FC. It is currently used mostly for football matches. It is owned by Bulawayo City Council and is home to Highlanders F.C., one of the biggest soccer teams i…

  • Waterfalls, Harare

    Waterfalls is the name of a residential suburb in the south of Harare, Zimbabwe. The neighbourhoods within Waterfalls are Derbyshire, Grobbie Park, Houghton Park, Induna Park, Midlands, Mainway Meadows, Malvern (named after Godfrey Huggins), Parktow…

  • Penhalonga

    Penhalonga is mining village in the province of Manicaland, Zimbabwe located 18 km north of Mutare in a valley where the Sambi and Imbeza Rivers meet the Mutare River. According to the 1982 Population Census, the village had a population of 4,477. A…

  • Osborne Dam

    The Osborne Dam site on the Odzi River, Zimbabwe, was identified in the 1950s by the planning engineers of the Ministry of Water. Cored drilling investigations on the two possible alignments were completed in the 1960s.

  • Nkayi, Zimbabwe

    Nkayi is a district in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe and is located about 100 km west of Kwekwe and 168 km north-east of Bulawayo in Nkayi communal land. It is believed that its name originates from the Tonga word "Uyinkayi" meaning "where are you go…

  • Murewa

    Murewa, also known as Murehwa or Mrewa is a village (and district) in Zimbabwe, 75 kilometers northeast from the capital of Harare, at the road to Tete (Mozambique). It is situated almost 1400 m above sea level. In 2002, the number of inhabitants wa…

  • Mhangura

    Mhangura (formerly Mangula) is a small town in Mashonaland West province, Zimbabwe. The name was probably derived from the Shona word mhangura meaning "red metal" in reference to copper.

  • Mbuma Mission Hospital

    Mbuma Mission Hospital is a community hospital in Mbuma, which is a remote village within Nkayi District, Matabeleland North (province). It is owned and operated by the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland and largely funded by the Dutch 'Mbuma Miss…

  • Manyuchi Dam

    Manyuchi Dam forms a reservoir on the Mwenezi River in southern Zimbabwe. It is located in the Mwenezi District. The building of the dam was financed by the Mwenezi Development Corporation.

  • Macheke

    Macheke located in the province of Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe, located about 105 km south-east of Harare on the main Harare-Mutare road. According to the 1982 Population Census, the town had a population of 1,888. It was named after the Macheke Rive…

  • Mabelreign, Harare

    Mabelreign is a north-western suburb of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. There are a number of shopping centres in the area. The Mabelreign post office, Mabelreign Police Station, municipality offices, and a local clinic are located on Stortford par…

  • Kuwadzana

    Kuwadzana is a residential suburb and national assembly constituency in Harare, Zimbabwe. It lies on the city's western border, just south of the main Harare-Bulawayo road.

  • Hatfield, Harare

    Hatfield is a residential suburb in the South of Harare, Zimbabwe. The suburb was laid out in 1920. an old suburb with a rich history, little is known about what happened in the 1920s. 60s moving forward has more light. famous people from hatfield.

  • Esigodini

    Esigodini (officially known as Essexvale until 1982) is a village in Zimbabwe in Matabeleland South province. It is situated 43 km from Bulawayo by road and 47 km by rail on the Bulawayo-Beitbridge line. According to the 1982 Population Census, the …

  • Chizarira National Park

    Chizarira National Park lies in Northern Zimbabwe. At 2,000 square kilometres (490,000 acres), it is one of the larger National Parks, and also one of the least known because of its isolated situation on the Zambezi Escarpment.

  • Charles Prince Airport

    Charles Prince Airport, formerly named Mount Hampden and renamed after former airport manager Charles Prince (who was a Royal Air Force officer during World War II), is located approximately 8 km northwest of Harare, Zimbabwe. During World War II it…

  • Turk Mine

    Turk Mine is a village in the province of Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. It is located about 56 km north-east of Bulawayo.