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  • Yemen

    Yemen (/ˈjɛmən/; Arabic: اليَمَنal-Yaman), officially known as the Republic of Yemen (الجمهورية اليمنية al-Jumhūrīyah al-Yamanīyah), is an Arab country in Southwest Asia, occupying the southwestern to southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. Yemen i…

  • Aden

    Aden (UK /ˈdən/ AY-duhn, US /ˈɑːdɛn/ AH-den; Arabic: عدنʻAdin/ʻAdan  Yemeni pronunciation: [ˈʕæden, ˈʕædæn]) is a seaport city in Yemen, located by the eastern approach to the Red Sea (the Gulf of Aden), some 170 kilometres (110 mi) east of Bab-…

  • Socotra

    Socotra (Arabic: سُقُطْرَىSuquṭra), also spelled Soqotra, is a small archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean.

  • South Yemen

    The People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (Arabic: جمهورية اليمن الديمقراطية الشعبيةJumhūrīyat al-Yaman ad-Dīmuqrāṭīyah ash-Sha‘bīyah), also referred to as South Yemen, Democratic Yemen or Yemen (Aden), was a communist state in the southern and ea…

  • Bab-el-Mandeb

    The Bab-el-Mandeb (Arabic: باب المندب‎) is a strait located between Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula, and Djibouti and Eritrea in the Horn of Africa. It connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden.

  • Yemen Arab Republic

    The Yemen Arab Republic (YAR; Arabic: الجمهورية العربية اليمنيةal-Jumhūrīyah al-‘Arabīyah al-Yamanīyah), also known as North Yemen or Yemen (Sana'a), was a country from 1962 to 1990 in the northwestern part of what is now Yemen. Its capital was at…

  • North Yemen

    North Yemen is a term used to designate the Yemen Arab Republic (1962–1990), its predecessor, the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen (1918–1962), and their predecessors that exercised sovereignty over the territory that is now the north-western part of …

  • Gulf of Aden

    The Gulf of Aden (Arabic: خليج عدنḪalīǧ ʻAdan, Somali: Gacanka Cadmeed) is a gulf located in the Arabian Sea between Yemen, on the south coast of the Arabian Peninsula, and Somalia in the Horn of Africa. In the northwest, it connects with the Red …

  • Marib Dam

    The Marib or Ma'rib or Ma'arib Dam (Arabic: سد مأرب‎) blocks the Wadi Adhanah (also Dhana or Adhana) in the valley of Dhana in the Balaq Hills, Yemen. The current dam is close to the ruins of the Great Dam of Ma'rib, dating from around the 8th centu…

  • Shibam

    Shibam (Arabic: شِبَام‎) (often referred to as Shibam Hadhramaut) is a town in Yemen. With about 7,000 inhabitants, it is the seat of the Shibam District in the Hadhramaut Governorate.

  • Geography of Yemen

    Yemen is located in Southwest Asia at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula between Oman and Saudi Arabia. It is situated at the entrance to the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, which links the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean (via the Gulf of Aden) and is one …

  • Mocha, Yemen

    Mocha or Mokha (Arabic: المخاal-Mukhā  Yemeni pronunciation: [elˈmoχæ]) is a port city on the Red Sea coast of Yemen.

  • Perim

    Perim (Arabic: بريم‎ [Barīm]), also called Mayyun in Arabic, is a volcanic island in the Strait of Mandeb at the south entrance into the Red Sea, off the southwest coast of Yemen and belonging to Yemen.

  • Al Hudaydah

    Al Hudaydah (Arabic: الحديدة‎), also known in English as Hodeda, Hodeida, Hudaida, and Hodeidah, is the fourth-largest city in Yemen.

  • Al Mukalla

    Al Mukalla (Arabic: المكلاAl Mukallā) is a main sea port and the capital city of the Hadhramaut coastal region in Yemen in the southern part of Arabia on the Gulf of Aden close to the Arabian Sea.

  • Sa'dah

    Sa`dah (Arabic: صعدة‏Ṣa'da) is the capital city of Saada Governorate in north-western Yemen at an elevation of about 1,800 meters.

  • Taiz

    Taiz (Arabic: تعز Taʿizz‎) is a city in the Yemeni Highlands, near the famous Mocha port on the Red Sea, lying at an elevation of about 1,400 metres above sea level and Sabir Mountain rises the 3,006 metres above the city. It is the capital of Taiz …

  • Ma'rib

    Ma'rib (Arabic: مأرب‎) or Marib is the capital city of the Ma'rib Governorate, Yemen and was the capital of the Sabaean kingdom, which some scholars believe to be the ancient Sheba of biblical fame. It is located at (15°25′0″N45°21′0″E), approximat…

  • Abyan Governorate

    Abyan (Arabic: أبينAbyan) is a governorate of Yemen. The Abyan region was historically part of the Fadhli Sultanate. It was a base to the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army militant group. Its capital is the city of Zinjibar.

  • Tarim, Yemen

    Tarim (Arabic: تريمtarīm) is a historic town situated in the Hadhramaut Valley of South Yemen, South Arabia. Tarim is widely acknowledged as the theological, juridical, and academic center of the Hadhramaut Valley. An important focus of Islamic le…

  • Hadibu

    Hadibu (Arabic: حاديبوḤādībū), formerly known as Tamrida (Arabic: تمريدة‎), is a coastal town in northern Socotra (Yemen), not far from the mount Jabal al-Jahir. It is the largest town of the small archipelago, with a population of 8,545 at the 20…

  • Sana'a Governorate

    Sana'a (Arabic: صنعاءṢana'ā') is a governorate of Yemen. Its capital is Sana'a, which is also the national capital. However, the city of Sana'a is not part of the Governorate but instead forms the separate governorate of Amanat Al-Asemah. The Gove…

  • Hanish Islands

    The Ḩanīsh Islands (Arabic: جزر حنيش‎) are an island group in the Red Sea. Most of them are a part of Yemen, but before 1998–1999 they were claimed by Eritrea as well.

  • Zinjibar

    Zinjibar (Arabic: زنجبار‎) is a port and coastal town in south-central Yemen, the capital of Zinjibar District and the Abyan Governorate. It is located next to the Wadi Bana in the Abyan Delta. From 1962 to 1967, it was the administrative capital of…

  • Jibla

    Jibla (Arabic: جبلا‎) is a town in southwestern Yemen, close to Ibb. It is located at around (13°55′00″N44°09′00″E), at the elevation of around 2,200 meters.

  • Lahij

    Lahij or Lahej (Arabic: لحجLaḥij) is a city and an area located between Ta'izz and Aden in Yemen. From the 18th to the 20th century, its rulers were of the Al-Sallami family who with, Al-Abdali, Al-Ramada, Al-Sindi and al-Aqrabi, claims relation t…

  • Ja'far

    Ja'far (Arabic: جعفر ‎), meaning spring or rivulet, is a male given name, especially common among Shia Muslims. It may also be transliterated Jafar, or Jaffar or in Egyptian pronunciation, Gaafar.

  • Sultanate of Lahej

    Lahej (Arabic: لحجLaḥij), the Sultanate of Lahej (Arabic: سلطنة لحجSalṭanat Laḥij), or, sometimes, the Abdali Sultanate (Arabic: سلطنة العبدليSalṭanat al-‘Abdalī), was a Sheikdom based in Lahej in Southern Yemen.