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  • Apia

    Apia is the capital and the largest city of Samoa. From 1900 to 1919, it was the capital of the German Samoa. The city is located on the central north coast of Upolu, Samoa's second largest island.

  • 2009 Samoa earthquake

    The 2009 Samoa earthquake was an 8.1 Mw submarine earthquake that took place in the Samoan Islands region at 06:48:11 local time on 29 September 2009 (17:48:11 UTC, 29 September).

  • Faleolo International Airport

    Faleolo International Airport (IATA: APW, ICAO: NSFA) is an airport located 40 kilometres (25 mi) west of Apia, the capital of Samoa. For the other airport serving Apia see Fagali'i Airport. Until 1984, Faleolo could not accommodate jets larger than…

  • Upolu

    Upolu is an island in Samoa, formed by a massive basaltic shield volcano which rises from the seafloor of the western Pacific Ocean. The island is 75 kilometres (47 mi) long, 1,125 km2 (434 sq mi) in area, and is the second largest in geographic are…

  • Savai'i

    Savaiʻi is the largest (area 1700 km2) and highest (Mt Silisili at 1,858 m) island in Samoa and the Samoa Islands chain. It is also the biggest landmass in Polynesia outside Hawaii and New Zealand. The island of Savai'i is also referred to by Samoan…

  • Geography of Samoa

    The independent country of Samoa consists of the two large islands of Upolu and Savai'i and 8 smaller islands located about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand in the Polynesian region of the South Pacific.

  • USS O'Brien (DD-415)

    USS O'Brien (DD-415) was a World War II-era Sims-class destroyer in the service of the United States Navy, named in honor of Captain Jeremiah O'Brien and his five brothers, Gideon, John, William, Dennis and Joseph, who captured HMS Margaretta on 12 …

  • Mount Vaea

    Mount Vaea is a 472 m summit overlooking Apia, the capital of Samoa located on the north central coast of Upolu island. The mountain is situated south about 3 km inland from Apia township and harbour.

  • Manono Island

    Manono is an island of Samoa, situated in the Apolima Strait between the main islands of Savai'i and Upolu, 3.4 km WNW off Lefatu Cape, the westernmost point of Upolu.

  • Fagali'i

    Fagali'i or Fagali'i-uta is a village on the island of Upolu in the Samoa archipelago approximately 5 kilometres south-east of Apia.

  • Tuamasaga

    Tuamasaga is a district of Samoa, with a population (2001 Census) of 83,191. The geographic area of Tuamasaga covers the central part of Upolu island.

  • Salelologa

    Salelologa is a village district at the east end of Savai'i island in Samoa. It is the main entry point into the island with the only ferry terminal on Savai'i.

  • Mulifanua

    Mulifanua is a village on the north-western tip of the island of Upolu, in Samoa. In the modern era, it is the capital of Aiga-i-le-Tai district.

  • Apolima

    Apolima is the smallest of the four inhabited islands of Samoa and situated in the Apolima Strait, between the country's two largest islands Upolu to the east and Savai'i to the west.

  • Apia Park

    Apia Park is a multi-function sports complex located in Apia, the capital of Samoa. Primarily used for rugby union events, Apia Park is the home stadium of the Samoa national rugby union team, Manu Samoa.

  • A'ana

    A'ana is a district of Samoa. It is on the western half of Upolu island, with a small exclave (Satuimalufilufi village) surrounded by Aiga-i-le-Tai.

  • Palauli

    Palauli is a district and village of Samoa, with a population (2001 Census) of 8,984. It consists of two sections on the southern side of Savai'i.

  • Nu'utele

    Nu'utele is an island which consists of a volcanic tuff ring situated 1.3 km off the eastern end of Upolu island, Samoa.

  • Falealupo

    Falealupo is a village in Samoa situated at the west end of Savai'i island 20 miles (32 km) from the International Date Line used until December 29, 2011. The village has two main settlements, Falealupo-Uta, situated inland by the main island highwa…

  • Asau Airport

    Asau Airport (IATA: AAU, ICAO: NSAU) is a small domestic airfield located in the thick dense jungle at the northwest end of Savai'i in Samoa.

  • Aiga-i-le-Tai

    Aiga-i-le-Tai is a district of Samoa which includes the small islands of Manono, Apolima and tiny uninhabited Nu'ulopa lying in the Apolima Strait between the country's two main islands of Upolu and Savai'i.

  • Maota Airport

    Maota Airport (IATA: MXS, ICAO: NSMA) is the main domestic airport on the island of Savai'i in Samoa. It is situated near Salelologa at the east end of Savai'i. The airport is located 10 minutes south of Salelologa township and ferry terminal. The a…

  • Fanuatapu

    Fanuatapu is an uninhabited island which consists of a volcanic tuff ring, situated off the eastern tip of Upolu, Samoa.

  • Atua (district)

    Atua is the most ancient district of Samoa, now consisting of most of the eastern section of Upolu but also traditionally incorporates Tutuila and once all of Upolu and Savaii. The head of the district is the sub district of Aleipata (Ao)Eastern par…

  • Apolima Strait

    The Apolima Strait is about 13 km wide and separates the two largest islands of Samoa, the island of Savai'i to the northwest, and Upolu to the southeast.

  • Afega

    Afega is a village on the island of Upolu in Samoa. It is located on the central north coast of the island to the west of the capital Apia in the countryside.

  • Va'a-o-Fonoti

    Va'a-o-Fonoti is a district on the north east coast of Upolu Island in Samoa, with a population (2001 Census) of 1,666, making it the least populated district in the country.

  • Tafua

    Tafua is a seaside village on the island of Savai'i in Samoa. It is situated on a peninsula on the southeast coast of the island in Palauli district.