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  • New Hebrides

    New Hebrides was the colonial name for an island group in the South Pacific that now forms the nation of Vanuatu, named after the Scottish archipelago. Native people had inhabited the islands for thousands of years before the first Europeans arrived…

  • Espiritu Santo

    Espiritu Santo is the largest island in the nation of Vanuatu, with an area of 3,955.5 km2 (1,527.2 sq mi) and a population of around 40,000 according to the 2009 census.

  • Iririki

    Iririki is a privately lease held island, located in Mele Bay, a free 3-minute ferry ride from the Vanuatu capital Port Vila.

  • Efate

    Efate is an island in the Pacific Ocean which is part of the Shefa Province in The Republic of Vanuatu.

  • Mount Yasur

    Mount Yasur is an active volcano on Tanna Island, Vanuatu, 361 m (1,184 ft) high above sea level, on the coast near Sulphur Bay, southeast of the taller Mount Tukosmera, which was active in the Pleistocene. It has a largely unvegetated pyroclastic c…

  • Luganville

    Luganville, called Santo by people from Vanuatu's northern islands who use Luganville as their big city, and called Kanal (from the French Segond Canal) by rural residents of the large island of Espiritu Santo, is the second largest city in Vanuatu.

  • Shefa Province

    Shefa is one of the six provinces of Vanuatu, located in the center of the country and including the islands of Epi and Efate and the Shepherd Islands.

  • Malakula

    Malakula Island (coordinates (16.30°S 167.50°E), also spelled Malekula, is the second-largest island in the nation of Vanuatu, in the Pacific Ocean region of Melanesia.

  • Mount Tabwemasana

    Located on the isolated west coast of Espiritu Santo, Mount Tabwemasana is not only the highest peak in Vanuatu, but also one of the highest mountains in the Pacific. At 1,879 metres (6,165 ft), Tabwemasana towers above the surrounding mountains and…

  • Epi (island)

    Epi (or Épi, Api; formerly known as Tasiko or Volcano Island) is the name of an island in Vanuatu, at the north end of the Shepherd Islands.

  • Torres Islands

    The Torres Islands are in the Torba Province of Vanuatu, the northernmost island group in the country. The chain of islands that make up this micro-archipelago straddle the broader cultural boundary that distinguishes Island Melanesia from several P…

  • Sanma Province

    Sanma is a province located in the Northern part of the nation of Vanuatu, occupying the nation's largest island, Espiritu Santo, which is located approximately 2,500 km northeast of Sydney, Australia.

  • Aoba Island

    Aoba, also known as Ambae or Leper's Island, is an island in the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu, located near (15°30′S167°30′E).

  • Banks Islands

    The Banks Islands (in Bislama Bankis) are a group of islands in northern Vanuatu. Together with the Torres Islands to the northwest, they make up the northernmost province of Torba. The group lies about 40 km (25 mi) north of Maewo, and includes Gau…

  • Gaua

    Gaua (formerly known as Santa Maria Island) is the largest and second most populous of the Banks Islands in Torba Province of northern Vanuatu.

  • Lopevi

    Lopevi (or Lopévi) is an uninhabited island in Malampa Province, Vanuatu. It lies to the southeast of Ambrym and east of Paama. It consists of the 7-km-wide cone of the active stratovolcano by the same name. It reaches a peak of 1413 m above sea lev…