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  • Kanokupolu

    Kanokupolu meaning: the flesh (the essence) of ʻUpolu, is a small village in the western district (vahe Hihifo) of Tongatapu. It is important however, in the history of Tonga as being the originating seat (in the beginning of the 17th century) of th…

  • Falevai

    Falevai is a settlement in the Vava'u islands in Tonga. The name Falevai, if translated into English means "water house." The name was given because of how the seas and the oceans surrounding the houses. Falevai's most famous names are lafa 'i tua a…

  • Choneteuthis tongaensis

    Choneteuthis tongaensis is a species of bobtail squid native to the waters around the Tonga Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is known from only three specimens. Of these, the holotype is the largest, at 33.8 mm mantle length (ML). C.