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  • Late (Tonga)

    Late Island is an uninhabited volcanic island southwest of Vavaʻu in the kingdom of Tonga. The small, 6-km-wide circular island of Late, lying along the Tofua volcanic arc about 55 km WSW of the island of Vavaʻu, contains a 400-m-wide, 150-m-deep su…

  • Kolonga

    Kolonga is a village and the most populated settlement located on the northeast coast of Tongatapu in the Hahake District, Kingdom of Tonga. Kolonga is a hereditary estate of Hon.

  • Teufaiva Sport Stadium

    Teufaiva Sport Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Nukuʻalofa, Tonga. It is used mostly for rugby union and football and the Ikale Tahi team matches. The stadium holds 10,000. It is the home ground of the Tonga national football team.Teufaiva is w…

  • Mala'ekula

    Malaʻekula or Malaʻe Kula (red square) is the proper name of the royal burial grounds in central Nukuʻalofa in Kingdom of Tonga in the southern Pacific Ocean. The kings of Tonga and their very close relatives (wives, husbands, children) are buried t…

  • 'O'ua

    'O'ua is an island in Lulunga district, in the Ha'apai islands of Tonga. The location of the island is Latitude -20°1'59.99" & Longitude -174°41'0".

  • Nukuleka

    Nukuleka is a small fishing village on the north-east coast of the island of Tongatapu, Kingdom of Tonga. In January 2008, Canadian archaeologist David V.

  • Curacoa volcano

    Curacoa is a submarine volcano located south of the Curacoa Reef in northern Tonga. Eruptions were observed in 1973 and 1979, from two separate vents.

  • Vaimalo

    Vaimalō, is a village in the western district of Vavaʻu in Tonga. Vaimalō was named by one of the most revered and beloved chiefs in Vava'u's history the great Finau Fisi. The village became the sole estate of his only child and son Naufahu Mapilito…

  • Tokū, Tonga

    Tokū is an uninhabited, volcanic island in Tonga. It is located in the very north of Vavaʻu group in the north of the country. It is about 1000 meters long and up to 700 meters wide, yielding an area of 0.4 km².

  • Pangaimotu

    Pangaimotu is an island in the Tongatapu Group of Tonga. It is reachable by a half hour boat trip from Nukuʻalofa, the capital of Tonga.

  • Ha'afeva

    Haʻafeva is a small island in the Haʻapai group of Tonga, but still the main island of the Lulunga archipelago. Kolongatata is the name commonly given to the village on Haʻafeva and is a reference to Haʻafeva's exposure to strong winds. The inhabite…

  • Tu'anuku

    Tu'anuku is a village on the western part of Vava'u Tonga with a population of approximately 1052 since Aug 2009. It has several nicknames such as Toa ko Tavake fai'ana, Halapukepuke, Hala siki 'o Mata'aho and also Uini e Ngofe.

  • Malapo

    Malapo is a small village in the eastern district of Tongatapu in the kingdom of Tonga. It is located in the fork of the road junction, where the main road to Nukuʻalofa splits into the road to Muʻa and beyond and the road to the airport near Fuaʻam…