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  • Kairouan Airfield

    Kairouan Airfield is an abandoned military airfield in Tunisia, which is located approximately 11 km south-southeast of Kairouan, 126 km south of Tunis. It was a major Troop Carrier unit base of the United States Army Air Force Twelfth Air Force dur…

  • Ezzahra

    Ezzahra(الزهراء) is a coastal town on the outskirts of Tunis located six kilometers south of the capital. Ezzahra is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the municipalities of Rades, Hammam Lif and El-Bou Mhel Bassatine. Administratively attached to…

  • Aïn Draham

    Aïn Draham (عين دراهم‎) is a city in northwestern Tunisia in the Jendouba Governorate situated 25 kilometers south of Tabarka.

  • Thélepte

    Thelepte (Berber: تلابت) was a city in the Roman province Byzacena, now in the western Tunisia, 5 km from the modern town of Fériana, near the border with Algeria.

  • Skhira

    Skhira (Arabic: الصخيرة‎) is a coastal town in central-eastern Tunisia. It is located at around (34°18′2″N10°4′15″E). It lies on the coast of the Gulf of Gabes. It has a large oil terminal for pipelines coming from the Tunisian and Algerian oilfiel…

  • Sbiba

    Sbiba (Arabic: سبيبة‎) is a city surrounded by chains of mountains in the province of Kasserine.

  • Remada

    Remada (Arabic: رمادة‎) is a town in Tunisia, close to the border with Libya. It is located at around (32°18′22″N10°22′56″E).

  • Redeyef

    Redeyef (Arabic: الرّدَيِّفAr Rudayyif) is a town and commune in the Gafsa Governorate, Tunisia.

  • Khroumire

    Khroumire (also spelled Kroumirie and Khroumirie) (Arabic: خرُومير‎) is a mountainous region located in northwestern Tunisia and northeastern Algeria. The Khroumire has extensive forests of cork oak.

  • Hergla Airfield

    Hergla Airfield is an abandoned military airfield in Tunisia, which was located approximately 12 km north-northwest of Harqalah in al Janubiyah Wilayat provience, about 90 km south-southwest of Tunis.

  • Haïdra

    Haïdra (Arabic: حيدرة‎) is a municipality in western Tunisia, containing the ruins of Ammaedara, one of the oldest Roman cities in Africa.

  • Ghardimaou

    Ghardimaou (Arabic: غار الدماء‎) is a town in the north-west of Tunisia about 192 km from Tunis. It belongs to the Jendouba Governorate. The town has about 64,000 inhabitants (64,170 in 2014). The rail line from Tunis passing along the Medjerda rive…

  • El Fahs

    El Fahs (Arabic: الفحص‎) is a town and commune located in the Zaghouan Governorate, 60 kilometers south-west of Tunis, Tunisia.

  • Dehiba

    Dehiba (Arabic: ‏الذهيبةDehiba) is a town and commune in the east of Tataouine Governorate, Tunisia.