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  • Port El Kantaoui

    Port El Kantaoui (مرسى القنطاوي) is a tourist complex 10 kilometres north of Sousse in central Tunisia. It was built in 1979 specifically as a tourist centre, around a large artificial harbour which provides mooring with 340 berths for luxury yachts…

  • Hadrumetum

    Hadrume(n)tum (sometimes called Adrametum or Adrametus) was a Phoenician colony that pre-dated Carthage and stood on the site of modern-day Sousse, Tunisia.

  • Al-Zaytuna Mosque

    Al-Zaytuna Mosque, or Ez-Zitouna or Ezzitouna Mosque (Arabic: جامع الزيتونة‎, literally meaning the Mosque of Olive) is a major mosque in Tunis, Tunisia.

  • Nabeul

    Nabeul (Arabic: نابل‎, Tunisian pronunciation: [ˈnɛːbɪl]; French: [naˈbøl]) is a coastal town in northeastern Tunisia, on the south coast near to the Cap Bon peninsula. It is located at around (36°27′N10°44′E) and is the capital of the Nabeul Gover…

  • Strait of Sicily

    The Strait of Sicily (also known as Sicilian Strait, Sicilian Channel, Channel of Sicily, Sicilian Narrows and Pantelleria Channel; Italian: Canale di Sicilia or the Stretto di Sicilia; Sicilian: Canali di Sicilia or Strittu di Sicilia) is the strai…

  • La Marsa

    La Marsa (Arabic: المرسى Al Marsa‎) is a coastal town in far north eastern Tunisia near the capital Tunis. The population is estimated as 92,987, as of 2014. The old summer capital of pre-colonial Tunisia, it is today a popular vacation spot for man…

  • Kebili

    Kebili (Arabic: قبليQibillī pronounced [ˈɡbɪl.liː], French: Kébili) is a town in the south of Tunisia and one of the main cities in Nefzaoua. It is located at around (33°42′7″N8°58′25″E), south of the Chott el-Jerid.

  • Enfidha

    Enfidha (or Dar-el-Bey, Arabic: دار البي) is a town in northeastern Tunisia with a population of approximately 10,000. It is visited by tourists on their way to Takrouna. Enfidha is located at around (36°8′7″N10°22′51″E). It lies on the railway bet…

  • Operation Harpoon (1942)

    Operation Harpoon was one of two simultaneous Allied convoys sent to supply Malta in the Axis-dominated Mediterranean Sea in mid-June 1942, during the Second World War. One convoy, Operation Vigorous, left Alexandria. The other, Operation Harpoon, t…

  • Béja

    Beja (Arabic: باجة‎, French: Béja) is a city in Tunisia, Africa. It is the capital of the Béja Governorate.

  • Stade Olympique de Radès

    Stade Olympique de Radès (Arabic: الملعب الأولمبي برادس‎) is a multi-purpose stadium in Rades, Tunisia. It is currently used mostly for football matches and it also has facilities for athletics.

  • Thapsus

    Thapsus or Thapsos (less commonly, Tapsus) (Greek: Θάψος) was an ancient city in what is modern-day Tunisia. Its ruins exist at Ras Dimas near Bekalta, approximately 200 km southeast of Carthage. Originally founded by Phoenicians, it served as a mar…

  • Lake of Tunis

    The Lake of Tunis (Arabic: البحيرة El Buhayra‎, French: Lac de Tunis) is a natural lagoon located between the Tunisian capital city of Tunis and the Gulf of Tunis (Mediterranean Sea). The lake covers a total of 37 square kilometres, in contrast to i…

  • Kerkouane

    Kerkouane (Arabic: كركوان‎; occasionally Kerkuane) is a Punic city in northeastern Tunisia, near Cape Bon. This Phoenician city was probably abandoned during the First Punic War (c. 250 B.C.), and as a result was not rebuilt by the Romans.

  • Douz

    Douz (Arabic: دوزDūz) is a town in the Kebili Governorate in the south of Tunisia, known as the "gateway to the Sahara." By road it is located 31 kilometres (19 mi) kilometres southwest of Blidet, 125 kilometres (78 mi) southeast of Tozeur, and 47…

  • Aryanah

    Aryanah (Ariana; Arabic: أريانة‎) is a coastal city in northeastern Tunisia. It is located at around (36°51′45″N10°11′44″E).

  • Cap Bon

    Cap Bon (Arabic: الرأس الطيب‎), also Watan el-kibli, is a peninsula in far northeastern Tunisia. It is located at around (36°45′N10°45′E). It is surrounded by the Gulf of Tunis in the north. Towns located on the peninsula include Nabeul, Kelibia an…

  • Ajim

    Ajim (Arabic: أجيمAǧīm) is a commune and port located on the Island of Djerba off the coast of Tunisia. It is Djerba's main fishing port and the closest city to the African continent. It had a population of 24,294 at the 2014 census. The city and …

  • Ras ben Sakka

    Ras ben Sakka is the northernmost point of the African continent, located 15 kilometres to Bizerte, the northernmost city in Africa on the Mediterranean Sea, 22 kilometres to the north-east of the Ichkeul lake World Heritage Site, in Tunisia.

  • Bulla Regia

    Bulla Regia is an archaeological site in northwestern Tunisia, a former Roman city near modern Jendouba. It is noted for its Hadrianic-era semi-subterranean housing, a protection from the fierce heat and effects of the sun. Many of the mosaic floors…

  • Zaghouan

    Zaghwan (or Zaghouan; Arabic: زغوان‎) is a town in the northern half of Tunisia. Situated on a low ridge of the Dorsale Mountains, the town has a mild climate and presents a green aspect. Cold water from here was taken by aqueduct to Carthage. The t…

  • Medjerda River

    The Medjerda River (Arabic: واد مجردا‎) is a river in North Africa flowing from northeast Algeria through Tunisia before emptying into the Gulf of Tunis and Lake of Tunis. With a length of 450 kilometres (280 mi) it is the longest river of Tunisia.

  • Manouba

    Manouba (Manūbah; Arabic: منوبة‎) is a city in northeastern Tunisia. It is located at around (36°48′28″N10°6′4″E). It is the capital city of Manouba Governorate. Manouba is well known for its university.

  • Byrsa

    Byrsa was the walled citadel above the harbour in ancient Carthage. It was also the name of the hill it rested on.

  • Ben Gardane

    Ben Gardane (Arabic: بن ڤردانBin Qirdan) is a commune and coastal town in south eastern Tunisia, close to the border with Libya.

  • Stade El Menzah

    Stade Olympique El Menzah (Arabic: الملعب الأولمبي المنزه‎) is a multi-purpose stadium, located in the north of Tunis, Tunisia. Built in 1967, it has a maximum seating capacity of 39,858. It also has other minor complementary athletic facilities.