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  • Yusuf al-Azma Square

    Yusuf al-Azma Square (Arabic: ساحة يوسف العظمة‎ / ALA-LC: sāḥat Yūsuf al-‘Aẓmah), also called al-Muhafaza Square, is an important square in central Damascus, Syria. Named after the late minister of defense Yusuf al-Azma where his statue stands in th…

  • Wadi International University

    Wadi International University (Arabic: جامعة الوادي الدولية الخاصة‎), commonly referred to as the German Syrian University, is a private, internationally oriented university, located in Wadi al-Nasara in Syria.

  • Tell el Fakhariya

    Tell el Fakhariya or Tell el Fecheriyeh (among other variants) is an ancient site in the Khabur River basin in the Al Hasakah Governorate of northern Syria. It is securely identified as the site of Sikkan, attested since c. 2000 BC. Sikkan was part …

  • Serghaya

    Serghaya or Sirghaya (Arabic سرغايا) is small town located in the Damascus countryside in south west Syria.

  • Saint George's Monastery, Homs

    Saint George Monastery or Deir Mar Georges (Arabic: دير مار جرجس‎) is a historic Antiochian Orthodox monastery located in northwestern Syria's "Valley of the Christians" (وادي النصارى, Wadi al-Nasara) in the town of Meshtaye, a village belonging to …

  • Al-Qunaya

    Al-Qunaya (Arabic: القنية‎, Syriac: ܩܢܙܐ, al-Knaya, also spelled Quniya) is a village in northwestern Syria, administratively belonging to the Idlib Governorate, located northwest of Idlib, 35 km north of Jisr ash-Shugur, and is in between Lattakia …

  • Qatma

    Qaṭma, (Arabic: قطمة‎) or Qatmet Efrin is a village in northwestern Syria. Qatma lies between Afrin and Aleppo.

  • Johfiyeh

    Johfiyeh (Arabic: جُحفية‎), also spelled Johfiyah, Juhfiyah or Juhfiyeh, is a historical and archaeological village in northern Jordan, located 80 kilometers north of the capital Amman and about 7.5 km southwest of the city Irbid.

  • Holy Trinity Church, Aleppo

    Holy Trinity Church (Armenian: Ս. Երրորդութիւն ; Sourp Yerrortutyun also called Zvartnots, Arabic: كنيسة الفرح‎) is an Armenian Catholic church in Meydan quarter of Aleppo, Syria. The consecration of the church took place in 1965, on the occasion of…

  • Great Mosque of Hama

    The Great Mosque of Hama (Arabic: جامع حماة الكبير‎), is a mosque in Hama, Syria. It is located about 400 meters (1,300 ft) west of the citadel.

  • Cote d'Azur, Syria

    Cote d'Azur or the Blue Beach (another Arabic name is الشاطئ الأزرق al-Shāṭiʼ al-Azraq) is a beach resort located 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) north of Latakia, Syria along the Mediterranean coast, on a site of archaeological importance called Ras Ibn Hani…

  • Arpad, Syria

    Arpad (probably modern Tell Rifaat, Syria) was an ancient Aramaean Syro-Hittite city located in north-western Syria, north of Aleppo. It became the capital of the Aramaean state of Bit Agusi established by Gusi of Yakhan in the 9th century BC.

  • Al-Qamishli

    Al-Qamishli (Arabic: القامشلي‎, Kurdish: Qamişlo, Syriac: ܩܡܫܠܐ Qamišlo or ܒܝܬ ܙܐܠܝ̈ܢ Beṯ Zālin) also known as Al-Qamishly, Kamishli or Kamishly, is a city in northeastern Syria on the border with Turkey, adjoining the Turkish city of Nusaybin, and …

  • Al-Assad Stadium

    Al-Assad Stadium (ملعب الأسد) is a multi-purpose stadium in Latakia, Syria. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium has a capacity of 28,000 spectators.

  • Abila Lysaniou

    Abila Lysaniou or Abila Lysaniae or Abila was an ancient city, on the Abana River and capital of ancient Abilene, Coele-Syria. The site is currently that of the village of Suk Wadi Barada (called Abil-es-Suk by early Arab geographers), circa 20 km (…

  • St. Mary Church of the Holy Belt

    Saint Mary Church of the Holy Belt (Arabic: كنيسة أم الزنار‎; Um az-Zinnar) is a historical Syriac Orthodox Church in Homs, Syria. The church is built over an underground church dating back to 50 AD. It is the seat of the Syriac Orthodox archbishopr…

  • Quwatli Street (Homs)

    Shoukri al-Quwatly Street or simply Quwatly Street (Arabic: شارع القوتلي‎) is the main street of central Homs, Syria. The street is a short, but wide strip of road with a large roundabout at both ends. Central Homs lies on either side of Quwatli Str…

  • Qasr ibn Wardan

    Qasr ibn Wardan (قصر أبن وردان in Arabic) is a sixth-century military complex located in the Syrian desert, approximately 60 kilometres (37 mi) northeast from Hama near the town of al-Hamraa.

  • Mishmar HaYarden

    Mishmar HaYarden (Hebrew: מִשְׁמַר הַיַּרְדֵּן) is a moshav in the Upper Galilee in northern Israel. It belongs to the Mevo'ot HaHermon Regional Council. It is located on Highway 91 between Mahanayim and Gadot.

  • Al-Kafrun

    Kafroun or Al-Kafroun (Arabic الكفرون) is a Greek Orthodox Christian Syrian town in the Tartous Governorate. It is situated about 40 miles from the major city of Hims in the An-Nusayriyah Mountains range at 550 metres above sea level, making it a su…

  • Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts

    Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts (Arabic: المعهد العالي للفنون المسرحية‎) was founded in Damascus, Syria in 1977. The institute heralded a new phase in the development of Syrian theatre and drama which begun with the preparation of the next generat…

  • Great Mosque of Raqqah

    The Great Mosque of Raqqah (Arabic: الجامع الكبير في الرقة‎) is the oldest mosque in ar-Raqqah, Syria, located at the northern section of the city's heart. It has a rectangular plan (108 meters (354 ft) x 92 meters (302 ft)) with 1.7 meters (5.6 ft)…

  • Chastel Rouge

    Chastel Rouge, also called Qal’at Yahmur قلعة يحمر (Castle of Yahmur) is a small Crusader stronghold in the North West of Syria that belonged to the County of Tripoli. It is also identified as Castrum Rubrum mentioned in Latin texts.

  • Al-Annazah

    Al-Annazah (Arabic: العنازة‎; also spelled al-Annazeh) is a village, it is about 20 km to the north east of Tartus and /5/ km from the Mediterranean sea. It is less than one hour drive to Latakia and about 3 hours drive to Damascus. According to the…

  • Akkari, Syria

    Al-'Akkari (Arabic: عكاري‎) is a town in northwestern Syria administratively belonging to the Homs Governorate just north of the border with Lebanon and west of Homs. Nearby towns include Talkalakh to the east, Marmarita to the northeast and Safita …