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  • Shaizar

    Shaizar (Arabic: شيزر‎; also called Saijar or Larissa in Syria) is a town in northern Syria, administratively part of the Hama Governorate, located northwest of Hama. Nearby localities include, Mhardeh, Tremseh, Kafr Hud, Khunayzir and Halfaya. Acco…

  • Jobar Synagogue

    The Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue was an ancient synagogue complex destroyed in May of 2014. Also known as the Jobar Synagogue it was situated in the village of Jobar now encompassed by the metropolitan area of the City of Damascus. It was once adjoined …

  • Burj Islam

    Burj Islam (Arabic: برج اسلام‎) is a village in northwestern Syria, administratively part of the Latakia Governorate, located north of Latakia. Nearby localities include Salib al-Turkman to the north, al-Shabatliyah to the northeast, Ayn al-Bayda to…

  • Buq'ata

    Buq'ata (Arabic: بقعاتا‎; Hebrew: בֻּקְעָאתָא) is a Druze town in the northern section of the Israeli-occupied portion of the Golan Heights. Granted the right to obtain Israeli citizenship following the passage of the Golan Heights Law, most of the …

  • Al-Baath University

    Al-Baath University (Arabic: جامعة البعث‎), founded in 1979, is a public university located in the city of Homs, Syria, 180 km north of Damascus.

  • Tell Barri

    Tell Barri is an archaeological site in north-eastern Syria in the Al-Hasakah Governorate. Its ancient name was Kahat as proved by a threshold found on the south-western slope of the mound.

  • Sadad, Syria

    Sadad (Syriac: ܣܕܕ, Arabic: صدد‎ / ALA-LC: Ṣadad) is a town in Syria, 60 kilometres (37 mi) south of Homs, and 101 kilometres (63 mi) northeast of Damascus.

  • Marjeh Square

    Marjeh Square (Arabic: ساحة المرجة‎ / ALA-LC: sāḥat al-Marjah), also known as "Martyrs' Square" (ساحة الشهداء / sāḥat ash-Shuhadā’), is a square in central Damascus, Syria, just outside the walls of the old city.

  • Harasta

    Harasta (Arabic: حرستاḤarastā), also known as Harasta al-Basal, is a city and northeastern suburb of Damascus, Rif Dimashq, Syria. Harasta has an altitude of 702 meters. It has a population of 38,184 as of 2007, making it the 43rd largest city per…

  • Galilee earthquake of 1837

    The Galilee earthquake of 1837, often called the Safed earthquake, shook the Galilee on January 1 and is one of a number of moderate to large events that have occurred along the Dead Sea Transform (DST) fault system that marks the boundary of two te…

  • Four Seasons Hotel Damascus

    Four Seasons Hotel Damascus is a five-star hotel and part of the Toronto-based Four Seasons luxury hotels and resorts. It is located in the central district neighborhood of Damascus, Syria. The hotel, financed by the Saudi prince Al-Waleed bin Talal…

  • Domus Galilaeae

    Domus Galilaeae or House of Galilee (Hebrew: בית הגליל‎), located on the peak of Mount of Beatitudes, above and north of Capernaum and the Sea of Galilee, is a Christian meeting place used for seminars and conventions.

  • Bab Kisan

    Bab Kisan (Arabic: باب كيسان, meaning "The Kisan Gate") is one of the eight ancient city-gates of Damascus, Syria. The gate, which is now located in the southeastern part of the Old City, was named in memory of a slave who became famous during a con…

  • Armenian Evangelical Martyrs' Church

    The Armenian Evangelical Martyrs' Church (Nahadagatz) is located in Soulemaniye quarter, Aleppo, Syria. The origin of the church goes back to 1865, Aintab, Turkey, where the first Armenian Evangelical - Kayajik church with the full content of its me…

  • Al-Nuqtah Mosque

    The Masjid al-Nuqtah (Arabic: مسجد النقطة‎ - Mosque of the Drop [of the blood of Husayn]) is a mosque located on Mount Jawshan in Aleppo, Syria.

  • Talkalakh

    Talkalakh (Arabic: تلكلخ) is a city in northwestern Syria administratively belonging to the Homs Governorate as the capital of the Talkalakh District just north of the border with Lebanon and west of Homs.

  • Salkhad

    Salkhad (Arabic: صلخدṢalḫad) is a Syrian city in the As Suwayda governorate, southern Syria. It is the capital of Salkhad District, one of the governorate's three districts.

  • Quneitra Crossing

    The Quneitra Crossing (Arabic: تقاطع القنيطرة‎, Hebrew: מעבר קוניטרה‎) is an access point through the purple ceasefire line between Syrian controlled territory and the Israeli-occupied portion of the Golan Heights. It is on the southwestern outskirt…

  • Qatana

    Qatana (Arabic: قطنا‎) is a Syrian city administratively belonging to Rif Dimashq Governorate. Qatana has an altitude of 879 meters.

  • Marmarita

    Marmarita (Arabic: مرمريتا‎, Classical Syriac: ܡܪܡܪܝܬܐ, Marmarītā) is a Greek Orthodox Christian village located in northwestern Syria. Marmarita is one of the largest villages in Wadi al-Nasarah ("Valley of the Christians"), a region north of Talka…

  • Khan Shaykhun

    Khan Shaykhun (Arabic: خان شيخون‎), sometimes spelled Khan Sheikhoun or Khan Shikhoun, is a town in, and sub-district of, the Maarrat al-Nu'man District, within the southern Idlib Governorate of northwestern Syria.

  • Kafr Nabl

    Kafr Nabl (Arabic: كفرنبل‎, also spelled Kafranbel or Kafr Nabil) is a town administratively belonging to the Idlib Governorate and Ma'arrat al-Numan District in northwestern Syria. It is situated 735 meters (2,411 ft) above sea level.

  • Golan Regional Council

    The Golan Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית גולן‎, Arabic: مجلس الجولان الإقليمي‎) is a regional council that supervises regional services to Israeli settlements located on the Golan Heights. It is made up of 19 moshavim and 10 kibbutzim, and o…

  • Ein Qiniyye

    Ein Qiniyye or 'Ayn Qunya (Arabic: عين قنية‎; Hebrew: עֵין קֻנִיֶּה) is a Druze village in the southern foothills of Mount Hermon, 750 meters above sea level. It was granted local council status in 1982. Its inhabitants are mostly Syrian citizens wi…

  • Damascus Opera House

    The Damascus Opera House (officially Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts) (Arabic: دار الأسد للفنون والثقافة‎) is the national opera house of Syria.

  • Amman International Stadium

    The Amman International Stadium (Arabic: ستاد عمان الدولي‎) is a stadium in Amman, Jordan. It is the largest stadium in Jordan, with a supposed capacity of 25,000. The stadium hosted the 2007 Asian Championships in Athletics, Pope Francis also visit…

  • Zawiya Mountain

    Mount Zāwiya (Arabic: جبل الزاوية‎ ǧabal az-Zāwiya) or Mount Rīḥā (Arabic: جبل ريحا‎ ǧabal Rīḥā) (also in medieval times: Banī-ʻUlaym Mountain (Arabic: جبل بني عليم‎) ǧabal Banī-ʻUlaym) is a highland region in Idlib Governorate in northwestern Syria…

  • Wadi al-Nasara

    Wadi al-Nasara (Arabic: وادي النصارى‎ / ALA-LC: Wādī an-Naṣārá, Greek: Κοιλάδα των Χριστιανών, Koiláda ton Christianón, which both mean "Valley of Christians") is a popular tourist site in western Syria, close to the Lebanese border and administrati…

  • Umayyad Square

    Umayyad Square (Arabic: ساحة الأمويين‎ / ALA-LC: sāḥat al-Umawiyīn) is a large and important square in Damascus, Syria. It connects the city center with several important highways and areas.

  • Pharpar

    Pharpar (or Pharphar in the Douay-Rheims Bible) is a biblical river in Syria. It is the less important of the two rivers of Damascus mentioned in the Book of Kings (2 Kings 5:12), now generally identified with the A`waj (i.e. crooked), though if the…