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Al-Hasakah (Arabic: الحسكة‎, Kurdish: Hesîçe, Syriac: ܚܣܟܗ), also known as Al-Hasakeh, is the capital city of the Al-Hasakah Governorate and it is located in the far north-eastern corner of Syria. With a population of 188,160 residents in 2004, Al-Hasakah is among the 10 largest cities in Syria and the largest in the governorate. It is the administrative center of a nahiyah ("subdistrict") consisting of 108 localities with a combined population of 251,570 in 2004. Al-Hasakah has a mixed population with the majority being Arabs and Kurds in addition to a significant minority of Syriacs/Assyrians/Chaldeans and a smaller number of Armenians.

Latitude: 36° 28' 59.99" N
Longitude: 40° 44' 59.99" E

Nearest city to this article: Al Ḩasakah

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