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Carchemish (/kɑrˈkɛm.ɪʃ/ IPA-ified from «kär-kĕm´ĭsh), also spelled Karkemish (Hittite: Karkamiš; Greek: Εὔρωπος; Latin: Europus), was an important ancient capital at times independent but also having been part of the Mitanni, Hittite and Neo Assyrian Empires, now on the frontier between Turkey and Syria. It was the location of an important battle between the Babylonians and Egyptians, mentioned in the Bible (Jer. 46:2). Modern neighbouring cities are Karkamış in Turkey and Jarabulus in Syria (also Djerablus, Jerablus, Jarablos, Jarâblos) ; the original form of the modern toponym seems to have been Djerabis or Jerabis, likely derived from Europos, the ancient name of the Hellenistic-Roman settlement.

Latitude: 36° 49' 28.19" N
Longitude: 38° 00' 32.40" E

Nearest city to this article: Jarablus

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