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  • Surinam Airways Flight 764

    Surinam Airways Flight 764 was an international scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands to Paramaribo-Zanderij International Airport in Suriname on a Surinam Airways DC-8-62. On Wednesday, June 7, 1989, the flig…

  • Sipaliwini District

    Sipaliwini is the largest district of Suriname, located in the south. Sipaliwini does not have a regional capital as it is directly administered by the national government in Paramaribo. The main villages in the district are Apetina, Apoera, Bakhuys…

  • Suriname River

    The Suriname River (Dutch: Surinamerivier) is 480 km long and flows through the country Suriname. Its sources are located in the Guiana Highlands on the border between the Wilhelmina Mountains and the Eilerts de Haan Mountains (where it is known as …

  • Geography of Suriname

    Suriname is located in northern South America and is part of Caribbean South America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between French Guiana and Guyana. It is mostly covered by tropical rain forest, containing a great diversity of flora and fauna…

  • Zorg en Hoop Airport

    Zorg en Hoop Airport (IATA: ORG, ICAO: SMZO) is an airport located in the city of Paramaribo, Suriname. The runway length is only sufficient for smaller aircraft, airliners serving Paramaribo from the international Zanderij Airport 45 km south of th…

  • Brokopondo Reservoir

    The Brokopondo Reservoir, officially named Professor Doctor Ingenieur W. J. van Blommestein Meer, and also called the Brokopondostuwmeer, is a large reservoir in the South American country Suriname. It is named after the Surakarta-born Dutch hydrolo…

  • Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge

    The Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge (Dutch: Jules Wijdenboschbrug), also called Suriname bridge and known locally as Bosje Brug, is a bridge over the Suriname river between the capital city Paramaribo and Meerzorg in the Commewijne District. The bridge is …

  • Lelydorp

    Lelydorp is the capital city of Wanica District, located in Suriname. With a population of 18,663 (2012), it is the second largest city in Suriname, after Paramaribo.

  • Mosque Keizerstraat

    The Mosque Keizerstraat (5°49′43″N55°9′36″W) is the headquarters of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement for the Propagation of Islam in Paramaribo in Suriname, “Surinaamse Islamitische Vereniging” (SIV)

  • Courantyne River

    The Courantyne/Corentyne/Corantijn River is a river in northern South America in Suriname, it is the longest river in the country. The river originates in the Acarai Mountains and flows northward for approximately 724 km (450 mi) between Guyana and …

  • Wanica District

    Wanica is a district of Suriname, in the northeast. Wanica's capital city is Lelydorp. Wanica has a population of 118,22 and an area of 443 km².

  • Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral

    The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Peter and Paul also called Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral (Dutch: Sint-Petrus-en-Pauluskathedraal) is a wooden Roman Catholic cathedral located in the center of the capital city of Paramaribo, Suriname.

  • Nickerie District

    Nickerie is a district of Suriname, on the north-west coast. Nickerie's capital city is Nieuw-Nickerie, the second largest city in the country. Other towns include Washabo and Wageningen.

  • Nieuw Amsterdam, Suriname

    Nieuw Amsterdam is the capital of the Commewijne District in Suriname. It is a small coastal town situated at the confluence of the Suriname River and Commewijne River, just across from Paramaribo, the country's capital.

  • Moengo

    Moengo is a town in Suriname, located in the Marowijne district, between Paramaribo and the border town Albina. Moengo is also a resort (municipality) in the district of Marowijne. Alcoa's first bauxite mine in Suriname was located in Moengo. In for…

  • Marowijne District

    Marowijne is a district of Suriname, located on the north-east coast. Marowijne's capital city is Albina, with other towns including Moengo and Wanhatti.

  • Coronie District

    Coronie is a district of Suriname, situated on the coast. Coronie's capital city is Totness, with other towns including Corneliskondre, Friendship, Jenny. The district border the Atlantic Ocean to the north, the Surinamese district of Saramacca to t…

  • Totness, Suriname

    Totness is a town in Suriname, located in the Coronie district, of which it is the capital. Totness once had a Scottish settlement. The Surinam-Guyana Submarine Cable System has its landing station in Totness. It connects the telecommunications netw…