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  • Battle of Mogadishu (1993)

    The Battle of Mogadishu, more commonly referred to as Black Hawk Down or, locally, as the Day of the Rangers (Somali: Maalintii Rangers), was part of Operation Gothic Serpent and was fought on 3 and 4 October 1993, in Mogadishu, Somalia, between for…

  • Mogadishu

    Mogadishu (/ˌmɔːɡəˈdʃ/; Somali: Muqdisho; Arabic: مقديشوMaqadīshū), known locally as Xamar (English: Hamar), is the largest and capital city of Somalia. Located in the coastal Banaadir region on the Indian Ocean, the city has served as an impo…

  • Puntland

    Puntland (Somali: Buntlaand, Arabic: أرض البنط‎ ), officially the Puntland State of Somalia (Somali: Dowlad Goboleedka Buntlaand ee Soomaaliya, Arabic: بونتلاند دولة الصومال‎ ), is a region in northeastern Somalia, centred on Garowe in the Nugal pro…

  • Hargeisa

    Hargeisa (Somali: Hargeysa, Arabic: هرجيسا‎, "little Harar") is a city in the northwestern Woqooyi Galbeed province of Somalia. It is the second-largest city in the country after Mogadishu, the national capital.

  • Aden Adde International Airport

    Aden Adde International Airport (Somali: Garoonka Caalamiga Ee Aadan Cadde, Arabic: مطار آدم عدي الدولي‎) (IATA: MGQ, ICAO: HCMM), Aden Abdulle International Airport, formerly known as Mogadishu International Airport, is an international airport ser…

  • Geography of Somalia

    Somalia is a country located in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Ethiopia to the west, Djibouti to the northwest, the Gulf of Aden to the north, the Indian Ocean to the east, and Kenya to the southwest. With a land area of 637,540 square kilome…

  • Kismayo

    Kismayo (Somali: Kismaayo; Arabic: كيسمايو‎, Kīsmāyū) is a port city in the southern Lower Juba (Jubbada Hoose) province of Somalia.

  • Bosaso

    Bosaso (Somali: Boosaaso, Arabic: بوساسو‎) is a city in the northeastern Bari province (gobol) of Somalia.

  • Jubaland

    Jubaland State of Somalia, also known as Jubaland (Somali: Jubbaland, Arabic: جوبالاند‎), the Juba Valley (Somali: Dooxada Jubba) or Azania (Somali: Azaaniya, Arabic: آزانيا‎), is an autonomous region in southern Somalia.

  • Hargeisa International Airport

    Hargeisa Egal International Airport (IATA: HGA, ICAO: HCMH, (Somali: Madaarka Cigaal ee Calaamiga Arabic: مطار هرجيسا إيغال الدولية‎) is an international airport in Hargeisa, the capital of the autonomous Somaliland region in northwestern Somalia.

  • Gedo

    Gedo (Somali: Geedo, Arabic: جوبا الوسطى‎) is an administrative region (gobol), formerly part of the historic Upper Juba Region in southern Somalia. Its regional capital is Garbahaarreey. Gedo is a region created in 1980s and is bordered by the Ogad…

  • Barawa

    Barawa (Somali: Baraawe, Arabic: مدينة ﺑﺮﺍﻭة‎), also known as Brava, is a port town in the southeastern Lower Shebelle region of Somalia.

  • Baidoa

    Baidoa (Somali: Baydhabo, Arabic: بيدوا‎), also known as Iscia Baidoa (Somali: Isha Baydhabo), is a city in the south-central Bay region of Somalia. It is situated 256 kilometers (159 mi) by road northwest of the national capital Mogadishu. For a br…

  • Laas Geel

    Laas Geel (Somali: Laas Geel), also spelled Laas Gaal, is a complex of caves and rock shelters in the Somaliland autonomous region of northwestern Somalia. Famous for their rock art, the caves are located in a rural area on the outskirts of the regi…

  • Sanaag

    Sanaag (Somali: Sanaag, Arabic: سناج‎ ) is an administrative region (gobol) in northern Somalia. Its capital city is Erigavo.

  • Cape Guardafui

    Cape Guardafui (Somali: Gees Gardafuul), also known as Ras Asir and historically as Aromata promontorium, is a headland in the autonomous Puntland region in Somalia.

  • Beledweyne

    Beledweyne (Somali: Beletweeyne, Arabic: بلد وين‎) is a city in south-central Somalia. Located in the Beledweyne District, it is the capital of the Hiran province. The town is situated in the Shebelle Valley near the Ogaden, some 206 miles (332 km) …

  • Bajuni Islands

    The Bajuni Islands (also known as the Bajun Islands or Baajun Islands) are an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, situated on the southern coast of Somalia, from Kismayo to Ras Kiyamboni (not to be confused with Ras Kamboni).

  • Mudug

    Mudug (Somali: Mudug, Arabic: مدق‎) is an administrative region (gobol) in north-central Somalia.

  • Lower Juba

    Lower Juba (Somali: Jubbada Hoose, Arabic: جوبا السفلى‎) is an administrative region (gobol) in southern Somalia.

  • Jowhar

    Jowhar (Somali: Jowhaar, Arabic: جوهر‎, Italian: Giohar, formerly Villaggio Duca degli Abruzzi) is the capital town of the Middle Shabelle region of Somalia. Along with Baidoa, it used to form the joint administrative capital of the Transitional Fed…

  • Berbera Airport

    Berbera Airport (IATA: BBO, ICAO: HCMI) is an airport in Berbera, a city in the northwestern Woqooyi Galbeed province in the Somaliland autonomous region of Somalia.

  • Bender Qassim International Airport

    Bender Qassim International Airport (IATA: BSA, ICAO: HCMF), also known as Bosaso Airport, is an airport in Somalia. It sits at 11°16′32″N 49°9′0″E on the outer edge of the city of Bosaso, the commercial capital of the northeastern Puntland macro-re…

  • Las Anod

    Las Anod (Somali: Laascaanood, Arabic: لاس عانود‎) is the administrative capital of the northern Sool province of Somalia.

  • Hafun

    Hafun (Somali: Xaafuun; Arabic: حافون‎) is a town in the northeastern Bari province of Somalia.

  • Afgooye

    Afgooye (Somali: Afgooye, Arabic: أفجويي‎) is a town in the southeastern Lower Shebelle (Shabellaha Hoose) region of Somalia.

  • Taleh

    Taleh (Somali: Taleex, Arabic: تلأ ح‎) is an historical town in the northern Sool region of Somalia.