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  • Nitra Castle

    Nitra Castle (Slovak: Nitriansky hrad, Hungarian: nyitrai vár) is a castle located in the Old Town of Nitra, Slovakia. It is a dominant of the city and a national cultural monument. It is the seat of the Diocese of Nitra.

  • Morské oko (Slovakia)

    Morské oko (called Veľké Vihorlatské jazero in the past; literally Sea Eye) is a lake in the Vihorlat Mountains in east Slovakia. It is at 618 m, covers 0.13 km² with a maximum depth of 25.1 m. It is a national nature reserve (covering 1.08 km²) sin…

  • Litmanová

    Litmanová (Rusyn: Літманова, Litmanova; Ukrainian: Литманова, Lytmanova; German: Littmannsau; Hungarian: Hársád - until 1902 Littmanova) is a village and municipality in Stará Ľubovňa District in the Prešov Region of northern Slovakia.

  • Diakovce

    Diakovce (Hungarian: Deáki) is an old village and municipality in Šaľa District, in the Nitra Region of southwest Slovakia.

  • Bystrianska Cave

    Bystrianska Cave is a limestone cave located on the southern slopes of the Nizke Tatry Mountains, along the road towards Banska Bystrica, at the southern edge of the town of Bystrá, in the Brezno District, Banskobystrický region, in Slovakia.

  • Bratislavský lesný park

    Bratislavský lesný park or Bratislava Forest Park is a forest park (actually a forest) in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, located in the foothills of the Little Carpathians. Officially, it is part of numerous boroughs of Bratislava: Dúbravka, K…

  • Borinka

    Borinka is a village and municipality in western Slovakia in Malacky District in the Bratislava Region, at the foothills of the Little Carpathians, best known for the Pajštún Castle, but it is also area with a lots of week-end houses (Slovak: chata).

  • Bojná

    Bojná (Hungarian: Nyitrabajna) is a municipality in the Topoľčany District of the Nitra Region, Slovakia. The village has a population of 2013 people. The main landmark is Catholic Church of All Saints built in 1787. Opposite the church stands (sinc…

  • Bodružal

    Bodružal (spelled Bodružaľ; 1927–1973) is a municipality (village) in Slovakia in the Svidník District in Prešov Region, within the Laborec Highlands.

  • Au Café

    The historical building of Au Café was built in Bratislava, Slovakia (then Pressburg, Kingdom of Hungary), in 1827, when it served as a coffee shop. For almost one hundred years it was a famous restaurant and coffee shop, when in the middle of the 2…

  • Ťahanovce

    Ťahanovce ([pronunciation: 'tyahanoutse]; Hungarian: Hernádtihany, Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈhɛrnaːd.tihɒɲ]) is a city part of Košice, Slovakia.

  • Šumiac

    Šumiac is a village and municipality in Brezno District, in the Banská Bystrica Region of central Slovakia.

  • Šariš Castle

    Šariš Castle (Slovak: Šarišský hrad) are the ruins of a castle situated at top of a hill, 6-7 km north-west from Prešov, Slovakia in the traditional region Šariš (named after this castle).

  • Zlatník

    Zlatník (Hungarian: Aranyospatak) is a village and municipality in Vranov nad Topľou District in the Prešov Region of eastern Slovakia.

  • Vlachovo

    Vlachovo (Hungarian: Oláhpatak, German: Lambsdorf) is a village and municipality in the Rožňava District in the Košice Region of middle-eastern Slovakia.

  • Valice

    Valice is a village and municipality in the Rimavská Sobota District of the Banská Bystrica Region of southern Slovakia.

  • Tuhrina

    Tuhrina (Hungarian: Turina) is a municipality in Prešov District in the Prešov Region of eastern Slovakia.

  • Tower 115

    Tower 115, now owned by J&T Bank, formerly Pressburgcentrum and Presscentrum, is a high-rise building in Bratislava located in Pribinova street.

  • Topľa

    Topľa (Hungarian: Tapoly, German: Töpl) is a river in eastern Slovakia and right tributary of Ondava. It is 129.8 km long and its basin covers an area of 1,503 km². It rises in the Čergov mountains, flows through Ondava Highlands, Beskidian Piedmont…

  • Tibava

    Tibava is a village and municipality in the Sobrance District in the Košice Region of eastern Slovakia.