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  • Marau Sound

    Marau Sound is a location in the Solomon Islands; it is located at the eastern end of Guadalcanal Island, in Guadalcanal Province.

  • Kirakira Airport

    Kirakira Airport (IATA: IRA, ICAO: AGGK) is an airport located at Kirakira on the island of Makira (formerly San Cristobal), part of the Makira-Ulawa Province in the Solomon Islands. It is also known as Ngorangora Airstrip and was constructed in the…

  • Indispensable Reefs

    The Indispensable Reefs are a chain of three large coral atolls in the Coral Sea. They are located about 50 km south of Rennell Island, separated from it by Rennel Trough. The chain stretches over a length of 114 km and its average width is 18 km.

  • Cyprian Bridge Island

    Cyprian Bridge Island is a small island located amongst the Solomon Islands. The island lies at a latitude of -6.85 and a longitude of 156.18333. It is an uninhabited volcanic island that lies between the islands of Fauro (30 km to the southwest) an…

  • Blackett Strait

    Blackett Strait is a waterway in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. It lies between the islands of Kolombangara to the north, and Arundel Island (Kohinggo) to the south. It connects Vella Gulf to the west with Kula Gulf to the east.

  • 2009 Vanuatu earthquakes

    The 2009 Vanuatu earthquakes were a series of large submarine earthquakes that took place to the west of the Torres Islands of Vanuatu on October 7, 2009 UTC. A 7.6 Mw earthquake, at 22:03 UTC, was followed by a 7.8 Mw event 15 minutes later at 22:1…

  • Uepi

    Uepi is an island in the Solomon Islands; it is located in the Western Province, noted for its high quality blue-water drop-off scuba diving.

  • Touo language

    The Touo language is spoken over the southern part of Rendova Island in the Solomon Islands. Touo belongs to the Central Solomons group of the Papuan languages.

  • Tenaru River

    The Tenaru is the name of a river on the northern coast of Guadalcanal with a tributary at Savo Sound (called Sealark Sound prior to World War II).

  • Tavanipupu

    Tavanipupu is private resort island in the Solomon Islands. It is located off the southeast coast of Guadalcanal, between Towara'o Island and Marapa Island, and is under the jurisdiction of Guadalcanal Province.

  • Sikopo

    Sikopo is an island in the Solomon Islands; part of the Arnarvon Islands in Isabel Province. It lies in Manning Strait, which is between Choiseul Island and Santa Isabel Island, and which connects New Georgia Sound to the Pacific.

  • Pio Island

    Pio Island is an island in the Solomon Islands province of Makira-Ulawa. It is situated 4 km north-west of Ugi Island. It is 2.7 km long and 1.5 km wide. The island has no villages.

  • Owariki

    Owariki or Owa Riki (formerly Santa Catalina) is an island in Solomon Islands; it is located in Makira-Ulawa Province.

  • Nusatupe Airport

    Nusatupe Airport is an airport near Gizo in the Solomon Islands (IATA: GZO, ICAO: AGGN). It consists of two Islands that have been joined together and flattened. A boat shuttle service ferries passengers to Gizo.

  • Nusatupe

    Nusatupe is an island in the Solomon Islands; it is located in the Western Province about 2 Klm from Gizo itself. It is where the Air Field is located for Gizo.

  • Nifiloli

    Nifiloli is an island in the Reef Islands (Latitude: 10° 10' 60 S, Longitude: 166° 13' 60 E), in the Solomon Islands province of Temotu.

  • Ndai

    Ndai (local spelling Dai) is an island in the Solomon Islands; it is located in Malaita Province.

  • Matema Island

    Matema Island or Matema is of one of the Reef Islands, of the independent nation of the Solomon Islands; it is located in Temotu Province.