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  • Rennell Island

    Rennell Island, locally known as Mugaba, is the main island of two inhabited islands that make up the Rennell and Bellona Province in the Solomon Islands. Rennell Island has a land area of 660 square kilometres (250 sq mi) that is about 80 kilometre…

  • Russell Islands

    The Russell Islands are two small islands (Pavuvu and Mbanika), as well as several islets, of volcanic origin, in the Central Province of Solomon Islands. They are located approximately 48 km (30 mi.) northwest from Guadalcanal. The islands are part…

  • Vanikoro

    Vanikoro, also known as Vanikolo, is an island from the Santa Cruz group, located 118 km to the Southeast of the main Santa Cruz group.

  • Temotu Province

    Temotu is the easternmost province of the Solomon Islands. The province was formerly known as Santa Cruz Islands Province. It consists, essentially, of two chains of islands which run parallel to each other from the northwest to the southeast.

  • Kaichū type submarine

    The Kaichū type submarine (海中型潜水艦, Kaichū-gata sensuikan) submarines were double-hulled medium sized submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.

  • Santa Isabel Island

    Santa Isabel Island (also known as Isabel and Ysabel) is the longest in the Solomon Islands, South Pacific, and the largest in the group of islands in Isabel Province.

  • USS Gwin (DD-433)

    USS Gwin (DD-433), a Gleaves-class destroyer, was the 3rd ship of the United States Navy to be named for Lieutenant Commander William Gwin, an American Civil War officer who commanded river boats against Confederate forces in Alabama.

  • Kolombangara

    Kolombangara (sometimes spelled Kulambangara) is an island in the New Georgia Islands group of the Solomon Islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

  • Kennedy Island

    Kennedy Island (colloquially known as Plum Pudding Island, though the correct local name is Kasolo Island) is a small uninhabited island in the Solomon Islands that was named after John F. Kennedy, following an incident involving Kennedy during his …

  • Kavachi

    Kavachi is one of the most active submarine volcanoes in the south-west Pacific Ocean. Located south of Vangunu Island in the Solomon Islands, it is named after a sea god of the New Georgia Group islanders, and is also referred to locally as Rejo te…

  • Makira

    The island of Makira (formerly San Cristóbal) is the largest island of Makira-Ulawa Province in the Solomon Islands. The island is located east of Guadalcanal and south of Malaita.

  • Rennell and Bellona Province

    Rennell and Bellona is a province of the Solomon Islands comprising two inhabited atolls, Rennell and Bellona, or Mu Nggava and Mu Ngiki respectively in Polynesian, as well as the uninhabited Indispensable Reef. Rennell and Bellona are both Polynesi…

  • Koli Point action

    The Koli Point action, during 3–12 November 1942, was an engagement between U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army forces and Imperial Japanese Army forces around Koli Point on Guadalcanal during the Guadalcanal campaign. The U.S.

  • Sikaiana

    Sikaiana (formerly called the Stewart Islands) is a small atoll in the Solomon Islands 212 km NE of Malaita. It is almost 14 km in length and its lagoon, known as Te Moana, is totally enclosed by the coral reef. Its total land surface is only 2 km2.…

  • 2007 Solomon Islands earthquake

    The 2007 Solomon Islands earthquake took place on 2 April 2007, near the provincial capital of Gizo on Ghizo Island, in Solomon Islands. Its magnitude was calculated by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) as being at 8.1 on the moment magnitu…

  • Tetepare Island

    Tetepare Island is the largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific, located at (8.716667°S 157.55°E). It is a part of Western Province of the Solomon Islands. It covers approximately 118 square kilometres. Tetepare supports pristine lowland rain…

  • Raid on Choiseul

    The Raid on Choiseul was a small unit engagement that occurred from October 28 to November 3, 1943, during the Solomon Islands campaign. United States Marines from the 2nd Parachute Battalion, led by Lt Col.

  • Guadalcanal Province

    Guadalcanal Province is one of the provinces of the Solomon Islands, consisting of the island of Guadalcanal. It is a 2,510 square mile (5,336 km²) island and is largely a jungle. Its name was given by Pedro de Ortega Valencia, born in the village o…

  • Choiseul Island

    Choiseul Island, native name Lauru, is the largest island (2,971 km2 (1,147 sq mi) of the Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands, at (7.08°S 157°E).

  • Malaita Province

    Malaita Province is one of the largest provinces of the Solomon Islands. It is named after its largest island, Malaita (also known as "Big Malaita" or "Maramapaina"). Other islands include South Malaita Island (also called "Small Malaita" or "Marama…

  • Choiseul Province

    The Choiseul Province is one of the nine provinces in Solomon Islands.It lies southeast of Bougainville (part of Papua New Guinea, west of Santa Isabel and north of Vella la Vella, Kolombangra & New Georgia. In the 2009 national census its populatio…

  • Shortland Islands

    The Shortland Islands are group of islands belonging to the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, at (6.92°S 155.88°E). Named by John Shortland, they lie in the extreme northwest of the country's territory, close to the island of Bougainville, Pa…

  • New Georgia Sound

    New Georgia Sound is the body of water that runs approximately through the middle of the Solomon Islands. The Sound is bounded by Choiseul Island, Santa Isabel Island, and Florida Island to the north, and by Vella Lavella, Kolombangara, New Georgia,…

  • Battle off Horaniu

    The Battle off Horaniu (Japanese: 第一次ベララベラ海戦) was a minor naval battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II fought on the night of 17 August 1943 near the island of Vella Lavella in the Solomon Islands

  • Western Province (Solomon Islands)

    Western Province is the largest of the provinces of the Solomon Islands. The area is renowned for its beautiful tropical islands, excellent diving and snorkelling, coral reefs and WWII wrecks, ecotourism lodges, and head-hunting shrines. The provinc…

  • Pileni

    Pileni is a culturally important island in the Reef Islands, in the northern part of the Solomon Islands province of Temotu. Despite its location in Melanesia, the population of the islands is Polynesian.

  • Nggela Islands

    The Nggela Islands, also known as the Florida Islands, are a small island group in the Central Province of Solomon Islands, a state in the southwest Pacific Ocean.