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  • Battle of Slater's Knoll

    The Battle of Slater's Knoll (28 March – 6 April 1945) was a battle during the Second World War fought between Australian and Japanese forces on Bougainville Island. Part of the Bougainville campaign, the battle occurred as a force of about 3,300 Ja…

  • Star Mountains

    The Star Mountains (Dutch (colonial): Sterrengebergte; Indonesian Pegunungan Bintang) are a mountain range in western Papua New Guinea, stretching from the border with Indonesia, at about (5°S141°E) to the Hindenburg Range.

  • Vitu Islands

    The Vitu Islands /ˈvt/ are a volcanic group with an area of 37 sq mi (96 km²) located in the Bismarck Sea off of New Britain, in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. They are not technically part of the Bismarck Archipelago. Administratively they are…

  • Rossel Island

    Rossel Island (named after de Rossel, a senior officer on the French expedition of d'Entrecasteaux, 1791-1793; also known as Yela) is the easternmost island of the Louisiade Archipelago, which itself is part of the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Gu…

  • Misima Island

    Misima (formerly called St. Aignan) is a volcanic island in the northwest of Louisiade Archipelago within Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea. The island measures 40 km by 10 km and has an area of 202,5 km². It is located some 20 km north of the …

  • Lake Murray (Papua New Guinea)

    Lake Murray is the largest lake in Papua New Guinea. It is located in the Middle Fly District, Western Province at (7°S 141.5°E), which covers approximately 647 km² and in the wet season increases to five times the size. It has a highly convoluted s…

  • Lae War Cemetery

    The Lae War Cemetery, established in 1944, is located adjacent to the Botanical Gardens in the centre of the city of Lae, the capital of Morobe Province, in Papua New Guinea.

  • Blup Blup

    Blup Blup Island is a small forested island of the northern coast of Papua New Guinea about 30km offshore from Cape Girgir and is considered part of the Schouten Islands. It is located at Latitude S 3°30'46" and Longitude E 144°35'16".

  • Battle of the Hongorai River

    The Battle of the Hongorai River took place during the Second World War and involved Australian, New Zealand and Japanese forces. Part of the wider Bougainville Campaign of the Pacific theatre, the battle was fought in the southern sector of Bougain…

  • Bagana

    Bagana is an active volcano located in the centre of the island of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, the largest island of the Solomon group.

  • Lae Airfield

    Lae Airfield is a former World War II airfield and later, civilian airport located at Lae, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea. The airport was closed in the 1980s, in favour of Lae Nadzab Airport, which was able to accommodate larger jet aircraft.

  • Green Islands (Papua New Guinea)

    The Green Islands are a small group of islands in Papua New Guinea. They are located at (4°30′S154°10′E), about 200 km (124 mi) east of Rabaul on New Britain and about 200 km (124 mi) northwest of Bougainville.

  • Girua Airport

    Girua Airport (IATA: PNP, ICAO: AYGR) is an airport serving Popondetta, a city in the Oro (or Northern) province in Papua New Guinea.

  • Buka Airport

    Buka Airport (IATA: BUA, ICAO: AYBK) is an airport serving Buka Island in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (also known as North Solomons) in Papua New Guinea.

  • Battle of Sattelberg

    The Battle of Sattelberg took place between 17 and 25 November 1943, during the Huon Peninsula campaign of the Second World War. Involving forces from Australia, the United States and Japan, the fighting centred on the Sattelberg mission station whi…

  • Baluan Island

    Baluan Island is the southern most island of the Admiralty Islands group which make up the majority of Manus Province in Papua New Guinea. It belongs to the Pam Islands sub group. It is formed from an extinct volcano.

  • Tanga Islands

    The Tanga Islands are an island group in Papua New Guinea, located northeast of New Ireland and part of the Bismarck Archipelago. The islands are the remnants of a stratovolcano which collapsed to form a caldera.

  • St Matthias Islands

    The St Matthias Islands (also known as the Mussau islands) are a small group of islands in the Bismarck Archipelago, that makes up part of Papua New Guinea.

  • Ritter Island

    Ritter Island is a small crescent-shaped volcanic island 100 kilometres northeast of New Guinea, situated between Umboi Island and Sakar Island.