Latitude and longitude of Operation Cartwheel

Satellite map of Operation Cartwheel

Operation Cartwheel (1943–1944) was a major military strategy for the Allies in the Pacific theater of World War II. Cartwheel was a twin-axis of advance operation, aimed at militarily neutralizing the major Japanese base at Rabaul. The operation was directed by the Supreme Allied Commander in the South West Pacific Area (SWPA)—General Douglas MacArthur—whose forces advanced along the northeast coast of New Guinea and occupied nearby islands. Allied forces from the Pacific Ocean Areas command—under Admiral Chester W. Nimitz—advanced through the Solomon Islands toward Bougainville.

Latitude: -4° 11' 27.64" S
Longitude: 152° 10' 13.55" E

Nearest city to this article: Rabaul

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GPS coordinates of Operation Cartwheel, Papua New Guinea

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