Latitude and longitude of Huaynaputina

Satellite map of Huaynaputina

Huaynaputina (Spanish pronunciation: [wainapuˈtina], Pronounced: /wnəpʊˈtnə/ W'EYE-nuh-PUU-tee-NUH; from Quechua: Waynaputina, meaning "Young Volcano") is a stratovolcano in a volcanic upland in southern Peru. The volcano does not have an identifiable mountain profile, but instead is a large volcanic crater. It has produced high-potassium andesite and dacite. On 19 February 1600, it exploded catastrophically (Volcanic Explosivity Index [VEI] 6), in the largest volcanic explosion in South America in historic times. The eruption continued with a series of events into March.

Latitude: -16° 36' 17.99" S
Longitude: -70° 50' 59.99" W

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