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  • Muscat, Oman

    Muscat (Arabic: مسقط, Masqaṭ, Portuguese: Mascate) is the capital of Oman. It is also the seat of government and largest city in the Governorate of Muscat. According to the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI), the total population …

  • Qaboos bin Said al Said

    Qaboos bin Said Al Said (Arabic: قابوس بن سعيد آل سعيدQābūs bin Saʿīd ʾĀl Saʿīd; born 18 November 1940) is the Sultan of Oman and its dependencies.

  • Muscat International Airport

    Muscat International Airport (IATA: MCT, ICAO: OOMS), also called Seeb International Airport is the largest airport in Oman. Situated 32 km from Muscat, the capital of Oman, spread over an area of 21 square kilometres (8.1 sq mi). The airport curren…

  • Battle of Mirbat

    The Battle of Mirbat took place on 19 July 1972 during the Dhofar Rebellion in Oman, which was supported by Communist guerrillas from South Yemen.

  • Sohar

    Sohar (صحار) is the capital and largest city of the Al Batinah North Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman.

  • Geography of Oman

    Oman is a country situated in Southwest Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, and Persian Gulf, between Yemen and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

  • Nizwa

    Nizwa (Arabic: نزوى‎) is the largest city in the Ad Dakhiliyah Region in Oman and was the capital of Oman proper. Nizwa is about 140 km (1.5 hours) from Muscat.

  • Muttrah

    Muttrah, (Arabic: مطرح‎) administratively a district, is located in the Muscat province of Oman. Before the discovery of oil, Muttrah was the center of commerce in Oman (Muscat). It is still a center of commerce as one of largest sea ports of the re…

  • Jebel Akhdar (Oman)

    The Jebel Akhdar, Jabal Akhdar or Al Jabal Al Akhdar (Arabic: الجبل الأخضر‎ meaning "the Green Mountain"), is part of the Al Hajar Mountains range in Oman, which extends about 300 km (186 mi) northwest to southeast, between 50–100 km (31–62 mi) inla…

  • Al Hajar Mountains

    The Al Hajar Mountains (Arabic: جبال الحجر‎, stone mountains) in northeastern Oman and also the eastern United Arab Emirates are the highest mountain range in the eastern Arabian peninsula.

  • Dhofar Governorate

    The Dhofar (Ẓufār) Governorate (Arabic محافطة ظفار) is the largest of the eleven Governorates in the Sultanate of Oman in terms of area. It lies in Southern Oman, on the eastern border with Yemen. It is a rather mountainous area that covers 99,300 k…

  • Seeb

    Al-Seeb, As Seeb or As Sib (Arabic: السيب‎) is a coastal fishing city, located several kilometres northwest of Muscat, in northeastern Oman.

  • Sur, Oman

    Sur (Arabic: صور‎) is a capital city of Ash Sharqiyah Region, northeastern Oman, on the coast of the Gulf of Oman. It is located at around (22°34′0″N59°31′44″E), and is 93 miles (150 km) southeast of the Omani capital Muscat. Historically the city …

  • Salalah Airport

    Salalah Airport (IATA:SLL, ICAO:OOSA) is the Sultanate of Oman's second gateway. It is located on the Salalah coastal plain, 5.5 kilometres (3.4 mi) northeast of Salalah's city centre.

  • Masirah Island

    Masirah or Mazeira Island (Arabic: مصيرة‎) is an island off the East coast of Oman, 95 km long north-south, between 12 and 14 km wide, with an area of about 649 km², and a population estimated at 12,000 in 12 villages mainly in the north of the isla…

  • Barka, Oman

    Barka (Arabic: بركاء‎) is a coastal city in the region Al Bāţinah, in northern Oman. The town is emerging as a tourist resort.

  • Majlis al Jinn

    Majlis al Jinn, also Majlis al-Jinn (Arabic: مجلس الجن‎, meeting/gathering place of the Jinn, local name: Khoshilat Maqandeli) is the second largest known cave chamber in the world, as measured by the surface area of the floor. It ranks lower when m…

  • Wahiba Sands

    The Sharqiya Sands (formerly known as Wahiba Sands, or Ramlat al-Wahiba) is a region of desert in Oman. The region was named for the Bani Wahiba tribe. The area is defined by a boundary of 180 kilometers (110 mi) north to south and 80 kilometers (50…

  • Jebel Shams

    Jebel Shams Arabic: جبل شمس‎, (mountain of sun) is a mountain located in northeastern Oman north of Al Hamra town. It is the highest mountain of the country and part of Al Hajar Mountains range. It is a popular sightseeing area located 240 km (149&#…

  • Jabal Al Jais

    Jabal Al Jais is the tallest mountain in the United Arab Emirates at about 1,910 meters, with its highest point about 350 meters east of the border between Oman and United Arab Emirates at an altitude of 1,925 metres (6,315 feet).

  • Qalhat

    The ancient city of Qalhat, or Galhat (in the map of Abraham Ortelius, it named as Calha), is located just over 20 km north of Sur, in the Ash Sharqiyah Region of northeastern Oman.

  • Port of Salalah

    Port of Salalah is the largest port in Oman. Situated in the Dhofar Governorate, on the Arabian Sea which is on the northern part of the Indian Ocean.

  • Bahla Fort

    Bahla Fort (Arabic: قلعة بهلاء‎; transliterated: Qal'at Bahla') is one of four historic fortresses situated at the foot of the Djebel Akhdar highlands in Oman. It was built in the 13th and 14th centuries, when the oasis of Bahla was prosperous under…

  • Ruwi

    Ruwi is commercial hub and the main business district of Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. It is located about 5 km from the main residential localities of Al-Khuwair, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, Shati Al-Qurm and Al-Qurm.

  • Port Sultan Qaboos

    Port Sultan Qaboos (previously known as Mina Qaboos) is the largest port in Muscat, Oman. Developed initially as a part of a plan for a "Greater Muttrah" by Qaboos bin Said al Said's predecessor Said bin Taimur, the port's construction was completed…