Latitude and longitude of Kili Island

Satellite map of Kili Island

Kili Island or Kili Atoll (Marshallese: Kōle, [kɤ͡elʲee̯]) is a 0.93 square kilometres (0.36 sq mi) island located in the Marshall Islands. It is the temporary home of about 600 inhabitants who are descended from islanders who originally lived on Bikini Atoll. They were relocated when they agreed to let the U.S. government temporarily use their home for nuclear testing in 1945. Kili Island became their home after two prior relocations failed. The island does not have a natural lagoon and cannot produce enough food to enable the islanders to be self-sufficient. It is part of the legislative district of the Ralik Chain of the Marshall Islands. The island is approximately 48 kilometres (30 mi) southwest of Jaluit.

Latitude: 5° 38' 27.59" N
Longitude: 169° 07' 25.20" E

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GPS coordinates of Kili Island, Marshall Islands

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