Latitude and longitude of Ouvrage Mont Agel

Satellite map of Ouvrage Mont Agel

Ouvrage Mont Agel is a work (gros ouvrage) of the Maginot Line's Alpine extension, the Alpine Line, also called the Little Maginot Line. The 1930s ouvrage was built in and around the earlier mountaintop Fortress of Mont Agel. The ouvrage forms a backup to the main curtain of Alpine Line forts, and was not initially planned as part of the Alpine Line proper. Its intended function was primarily to provide heavy, long-range artillery support from a location well to the rear of the line. However, the planned 145mm heavy guns were never installed. Its site on Mont Agel, at an altitude of 1,118 metres (3,668 ft), is the highest point in the vcinity of Nice and Menton and commands the entire coastline, as well as the approaches from Sospel to the north.

Latitude: 43° 45' 34.79" N
Longitude: 7° 26' 20.99" E

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