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  • 2009 Mediterranean Sea migrant shipwreck

    On 27 March 2009, at least one boat carrying migrants from Libya to Italy capsized. The boat is believed to have been carrying 250 migrants from Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine and Nigeria. A rescue attempt involving the Italian and Libyan navies rescued …

  • Tocra

    Tocra, Taucheira, Tukrah or El Agouriya, is a town on the coast of the Marj District in the Cyrenaica region of northeastern Libya, founded by Cyrene. It lay 200 stadia west of Ptolemais.

  • Tarhuna wa Msalata District

    Tarhuna wa Msalata (Tarhuna and Msallata) was one of the districts of Libya until 2007. Between 1988 and 1995 existed the Tarhuna District, which later would become Tarhuna wa Msalata between 2001 and 2007. It consisted of twenty-six Basic People's …

  • Sorman

    Sorman or Surman (Arabic: صرمان‎) is a town near the Mediterranean coast, in the Zawiya District of the Tripolitania region in northwestern Libya.

  • Al Zawiya University

    The University of Azzawia (Arabic: جامعة الزاوية‎ "Jamaa't Azzawia") (previously known as Seventh of April University) is a university located in the city of Zawiya, Libya.

  • Lete Airfield

    Lete Airfield is an abandoned World War II military airfield located in the vicinity of Al Jukhkh al Kabir; about 10 km east of Benghazi.

  • Jadu, Libya

    Jadu (/ˈɑːd/ JAH-doo; Arabic: جادو‎, Berber: Jadu), in other languages also: Giado (Italian) and Gado, is a mountain town in western Libya, in the Jabal al Gharbi District and the Nafusa Mountains. Jadu was the site of an Italian concentration c…

  • Ghadames Airport

    Ghadames Airport (IATA: LTD, ICAO: HLTD) is located 12.1 miles (19.5 km) east of Ghadames, Libya, currently only Libyan Airlines uses the airport as a scheduled service to Tripoli however the Libyan Air Force apparently also uses the site although v…

  • El Assa Airfield

    El Assa Airfield is an abandoned World War II military airfield located in the vicinity of Al `Assah in the Baladiyat al Jumayl region of Libya.

  • Bardia Mural

    The Bardia Mural was created in a building on a clifftop overlooking the bay in Bardia, Libya, during World War II by John Frederick Brill just prior to his death at the age of 22. It depicts a collage of images that range from the horrors of war sh…

  • Sidi Azeiz Airfield

    Sidi Azeiz Airfield, or Sidi Azeis is an abandoned World War II military airfield in the eastern desert of Libya. It was located near the Egyptian border near Jabbanat Sidi, about 100 km west of Tobruk.

  • Sabkhat Ghuzayyil

    Sabkhat Ghuzayyil is Libya's lowest point at 47 meters (154 feet) below sea level, and is just southeast of the Gulf of Sidra. It is located in the Al Wahat District of the Cyrenaica region in northeastern Libya.

  • Martyrs of February Stadium

    Martyrs of February Stadium (Arabic: ملعب شهداء فبراير‎), otherwise known as Benina Martyrs Stadium (Arabic: ملعب شهداء بنينة‎) and until 2011 officially named Hugo Chávez Football Stadium (Arabic: ملعب هوغو شافيز‎), is a Libyan football stadium loc…

  • Ghadames District

    Ghadames or Ghadamis (Arabic: غدامس, Libyan vernacular: ġdāməs) was a district of Libya until 2007. Its territory is now part of Nalut District.

  • Baheira Airfield

    Baheira Airfield, or Bir El Baheira is an abandoned military airfield in Libya, which is located in the eastern desert near the Egyptian border, about 48 km west of Bardīyah; 3 km west of Bi'r al Buhayrah.

  • Aratus (crater)

    Aratus is a small lunar impact crater located on the highland to the south and east of the rugged Montes Apenninus range. It is a circular, cup-shaped crater with a relatively high albedo. To the east is the Mare Serenitatis, and to the southwest is…

  • Qasr bin Ghashir

    Qaser Bin Ghashir (Arabic: قصر بن غشير‎) is a town in the Tripoli District, of the Tripolitania region in northwestern Libya. It is located about 20 km south of central Tripoli.

  • Qasr Libya

    Qasr Libya or Theodoureas (Arabic: قصر ليبيا‎) is a small town in northern Libya about 66 kilometres (41 mi) northwest of Bayda. In ancient times, it was called Olbia and Theodorias, the ruins of which were excavated in the 1950s. The town contains …

  • Zuwetina

    Zuwetina ( Marsa Uasili; Arabic: الزويتينة‎) is a coastal town and oil-exporting port in the Al Wahat District of the Cyrenaica region in north-eastern Libya. From 1987 to 2007 Zuwetina was in the former Ajdabiya District. The oil terminal in the sm…

  • Oasis crater

    Oasis is a meteorite crater in Libya. The crater is exposed at the surface, and has been significantly eroded. The prominent topographic ring is only the central uplift, while the original crater rim is estimated to have been 18 km in diameter.

  • Nanur Airport

    Nanur Airport is an airport in the Wadi Maymun Darraj region of Libya, located approximately 200 km south-southeast of Tripoli in the Libyan desert. Although listed as a civil airport, it appears to function as a reserve Libyan Air Force airfield. I…

  • Msallata

    Msallata (also Al Qasabat, Cussabat and El-Gusbát) is a town in the northwestern part of Libya, in the Murqub District. It has a population of nearly 80,000, and was historically a center of Islamic studies. It is also known for olive tree farming a…

  • Marydale

    Marydale is a town in the Northern Cape province in western South Africa. Established in 1903 by the Dutch Reformed Church, Marydale was named after the wife of Mr GP Snyman, owner of the farm on which the town was laid out.

  • Gharyan District

    Gharyan District or Garian District (Arabic: شعبية غريان‎) was one of the districts of Libya. It was located in the northwest part of the country and its capital was Gharyan.