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  • Ubari

    Ubari or Awbari (Arabic: أوباري‎) is a Berber-speaking oasis town and the capital of the Wadi al Hayaa District, in the Fezzan region of southwestern Libya. It is in the Idehan Ubari, a Libyan section of the Sahara Desert.

  • Germa

    Germa, known in ancient times as Garama, is an archaeological site in Libya and was the capital city of the Garamantes.

  • Kufra District

    Kufra or Kofra (Arabic: الكفرةAl Kufra), also spelled Cufra, is the largest district of Libya. Its capital is Al Jawf, one of the oases in Kufra basin. There is a very large oil refinery near the capital. In the late 15th century, Leo Africanus re…

  • Misrata Airport

    Misrata Airport is an international airport in Misrata, Libya (IATA: MRA, ICAO: HLMS) which also acts as an air base and training center for the Libyan Air Force.

  • Waw an Namus

    Waw an Namus (also spelled Wau-en-Namus, Arabic: واو الناموس‎ - Oasis of Mosquitoes) is a volcanic field, cone and caldera in the southern Fezzan region of southern Libya.

  • Tripoli Cathedral

    Tripoli Cathedral (Italian: La Cattedrale di Tripoli; Arabic: كاتدرائية طرابلس‎) was a Roman Catholic cathedral in Tripoli, the capital of Libya, located on Algeria/Elgazayer Square - Maidan al Jazair /Maydan elgazayer in the city centre.

  • Bani Walid

    Bani Walid (Anglicized: /ˈbæn wɑːˈld/; Arabic: بني وليدBanī Walīd, Libyan pronunciation: [ˈbæni wæˈliːd]) is a town in Libya.

  • Omar Al-Mukhtar University

    Omar Al-Mukhtar University (Arabic: جامعة عمر المختار‎), started as an Islamic university in Bayda, Libya. It was founded in 1835 by Ali al-Sanusi of the religious group 'Kzawip Senussi' in 1961. It has grown to be a moderately religious institute a…

  • Jebel Akhdar, Libya

    The Jebel Akhdar (Arabic: الجبل الأخضرal-Jabal al-Akhḍar, English: The Green Mountain) is a heavily forested, fertile upland area in northeastern Libya.

  • Bardia

    Bardia, or El Burdi (Arabic: البردية or البردي‎) is a Mediterranean seaport in the Butnan District of eastern Libya.

  • Sidra, Libya

    Sidra or Sidr (Arabic: السدر‎) is a port about 23 km west of Ra's Lanuf in Libya. It is Libya's largest oil depot, shipping about 447,000 barrels per day (71,100 m3/d), and gives its name to the Gulf of Sidra.

  • Murzuk

    Murzuk or Murzuq (Arabic: مرزق‎) is an oasis town and the capital of the Murzuq District in the Fezzan region of southwest Libya.

  • Halfaya Pass

    Halfaya Pass (Arabic: مَمَرّ حَلْفَيَا translit. Mamarr Ħalfayā‎, known colloquially as Hellfire Pass) is located in Egypt, near the border with Libya. A 600 feet (180 m) high escarpment extends south eastwards from the Egyptian-Libyan border at the…

  • Jebel Uweinat

    Jebel Uweinat (1,934 m; جبل العوينات gabal al-ʿuwaināt "mountain of sourcelets"; also spelled Jabal, Djebel Al Awaynat, Auenat, Ouenat, Ouinat, Owainat, Oweinat, Uwaynat, Uweinat, Uwenat, Uweynat etc.) is a mountain range in the area of the Egyptian…

  • Al Wahat District

    Al Wahat (Arabic: الواحاتAl Wāḥāt, English: The Oases), occasionally spelt Al Wahad or Al Wahah (English: The Oasis) is one of the districts of Libya.

  • Barca (ancient city)

    Barca, also called Barce) (Greek: Βάρκη, Arabic: برقة‎, Berber: Berqa) was an ancient Greek colony and later a Roman and a Byzantine city in North Africa. It was in the coastal area of what is today Libya.

  • Zuwarah

    Zuwara /zʊˈwɑrə/ (Arabic: زوارة‎, Berber: Tamurt n Wat Willul) is a port city in northwestern Libya, with a population of around 180,000, famous for its beautiful beaches and abundant seafood. It is situated 102 km (63 mi) west of Tripoli and 60 km …

  • Zliten

    Zliten (Arabic: زليتنZlītan) is a town in the Murqub District of Libya. It is located on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea west of the Gulf of Sidra.

  • Tawergha

    Tawergha (Berber: ⵜⴰⵡⴻⵔⵖⴰ, Arabic: تاورغاء‎), also transliterated Tawarga, Tauorga, Taworgha, Tawurgha or Torghae, is, as of August 2012, a ghost town in Libya that is under administrative jurisdiction of the city of Misrata, which is 38 kilometers …

  • Sirte District

    Sirte District (or Sirt or Surt District; Arabic: سرتSurt,  pronunciation ), is one of the districts of Libya. It lies in the north of the country and borders the Gulf of Sidra. Its capital is the city of Sirte.

  • Marble Arch (Libya)

    The Marble Arch, also Arch of the Philaeni (Italian: Arco dei Fileni), formerly known in Libya as El Gaus (i.e. "The Arch"), was a monument in Libya built during the days of Italian colonization. The arch marked the border between Tripolitania and C…

  • El Agheila

    El Agheila (Arabic: العقيلة‎) is a coastal city at the bottom of the Gulf of Sidra in far western Cyrenaica, Libya.

  • Apollonia, Cyrenaica

    Apollonia (Greek: Απολλωνία) in Cyrenaica (modern Libya) was founded by Greek colonists and became a significant commercial centre in the southern Mediterranean. It served as the harbour of Cyrene, 20 km (12 mi) to the southwest.

  • Marj

    Marj /ˈmɑr/ (Arabic: المرجAl Marǧ, English: The Meadows), also spelt El Merj, generally believed to be on the site of the ancient city of Barca or Barce, is a city in northeastern Libya and the administrative seat of the Marj District.

  • Red Castle Museum

    The Red Castle Museum or Assaraya Alhamra Museum (Arabic: متحف السرايا الحمراء‎), or Archaeological Museum of Tripoli, is Libya's national museum.

  • Jabal al Akhdar

    Jabal al Akhdar (Arabic: الجبل الأخضرal-Jabal al-Akhḍar, English: Green Mountains), also known as Jebel el-Akhdar, is one of the districts of Libya. It lies in the north east of the country.

  • Derna District

    Derna (Arabic: درنةDarnah) is one of the districts of Libya. It is in the northeast of the country, in the historical region of Cyrenaica. Its capital is Derna.

  • Ptolemais, Cyrenaica

    Ptolemais (Greek: Πτολεμαΐς) was one of the five cities that formed the Pentapolis of Cyrenaica, the others being Cyrene, Euesperides (later Berenice, and now Benghazi), Tauchira/Teuchira (later Arsinoe, and now Tocra), and Apollonia (now Susa).

  • Butnan District

    Butnan (Arabic: البطنانAl Buṭnān) sometimes called Tubruq District or Tobruk District from the former name, occasionally Marmarica, is an administrative district (shabiyah) in eastern Libya.

  • June 11 Stadium

    11 June Stadium (Arabic: ملعب 11 يونيو‎) is a multi-purpose stadium in Tripoli, Libya. It is the seventh largest stadium in Africa.