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Fezzan (Berber: Fezzan, ⴼⴻⵣⵣⴰⵏ, Arabic: فزانFizzān, Turkish: Fizan, Latin: Phasania) or Phazania is the southwestern region of modern Libya. It is largely desert, but broken by mountains, uplands, and dry river valleys (wadis) in the north, where oases enable ancient towns and villages to survive deep in the otherwise inhospitable Sahara Desert. The term originally applied to the land beyond the coastal strip of Africa proconsularis, including the Nafusa and extending west of modern Libya over Ouargla and Illizi.

Latitude: 26° 19' 58.08" N
Longitude: 13° 25' 31.08" E

Nearest city to this article: Awbārī

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