Latitude and longitude of ‘Aziziya

Satellite map of ‘Aziziya

‘Aziziya (Anglicized: /əˈzzə/; Arabic: العزيزيةal-ʿAzīziyyah / al-ʻAzīzīyah / al-ʿazīzīya), sometimes spelled El Azizia, is a small town and it was the capital of the Jafara district in northwestern Libya, 41 kilometres (25 mi) southwest of the capital Tripoli. Before 2001 it was in the ‘Aziziya District and its capital. ‘Aziziya is a major trade centre of the Sahel Jeffare plateau, being on a trade route from the coast to the Nafusa Mountains and the Fezzan region to the south.

Latitude: 32° 31' 54.84" N
Longitude: 13° 01' 3.00" E

Nearest city to this article: Al ‘Azīzīyah

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GPS coordinates of ‘Aziziya, Libya

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