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Uruk (Cuneiform: 𒌷𒀔,URU UNUG; Sumerian: Unug; Akkadian: Uruk; Aramaic/Hebrew: אֶרֶךְ Erech; Ancient Greek: Ὀρχόη Orchoē, Ὠρύγεια Ōrugeia; Arabic: وركاء‎, Warkā') was an ancient city of Sumer and later Babylonia, situated east of the present bed of the Euphrates river, on the dried-up, ancient channel of the Euphrates River, some 30 km east of modern As-Samawah, Al-Muthannā, Iraq.

Latitude: 31° 19' 12.00" N
Longitude: 45° 38' 5.99" E

Nearest city to this article: As Samawah

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