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  • Isle of Man

    The Isle of Man (/ˈmæn/; Manx: Ellan Vannin [ˈɛlʲən ˈvanɪn]), otherwise known simply as Mann (Manx: Mannin, IPA: [ˈmanɪn]), is a self-governing British Crown dependency located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. The h…

  • British Isles

    The British Isles are a group of islands off the north-western coast of continental Europe that consist of the islands of Great Britain, Ireland and over six thousand smaller isles. Two sovereign states are located on the islands: Ireland (a republi…

  • Isle of Man Airport

    Isle of Man Airport (IATA: IOM, ICAO: EGNS), also known as Ronaldsway Airport and, in Manx, Purt Aer Vannin, is the main civilian airport on the Isle of Man. It is located in the south of the island at Ronaldsway near Castletown, 6 nautical miles (1…

  • Tynwald

    The Tynwald (Manx: Tinvaal), or more formally, the High Court of Tynwald (Manx: Ard-whaiyl Tinvaal) is the legislature of the Isle of Man.

  • Langness Peninsula

    Langness (Manx: Langlish) is a peninsula which protrudes nearly two kilometres from the south eastern extremity of the Isle of Man. Signifying a cape or extended promontory, Langness literally means long promontory in Old Norse. At one time an islan…

  • Summerland disaster

    The Summerland disaster occurred when a fire spread through the Summerland leisure centre in Douglas on the Isle of Man on the night of 2 August 1973. Fifty people were killed and eighty seriously injured.

  • Peel Castle

    Peel Castle (Cashtal Purt-ny-Hinshey in Manx Gaelic) is a castle in Peel on the Isle of Man, originally constructed by Vikings. The castle stands on St Patrick's Isle which is connected to the town by a causeway.

  • House of Keys

    The House of Keys (Manx: Y Chiare as Feed) is the directly elected lower branch of Tynwald, the parliament of the Isle of Man, the other branch being the Legislative Council.

  • Isle of Man Government

    The Isle of Man Government (Manx: Reiltys Ellan Vannin) is the government of the Isle of Man. The formal head of the Isle of Man Government is the Lieutenant Governor, representing Queen Elizabeth II, Lord of Mann.

  • Geography of the Isle of Man

    The Isle of Man is an island in the Irish Sea, between Great Britain and Ireland in Western Europe, with a population of over 75,000. It is a British Crown dependency. It has a small islet, the Calf of Man, to its south.

  • Snaefell

    Snaefell (Manx: Sniaull) is the highest mountain and the only summit higher than 2,000 feet (610 m) on the Isle of Man, at 620 metres (2,034 ft) above sea level.

  • Calf of Man

    Calf of Man (Manx: Yn Cholloo), sometimes known as the Calf of Mann, is a 618-acre (250 ha) island (almost 1 square mile), off the southwest coast of the Isle of Man. It is separated from the Isle of Man by a narrow stretch of water called the Calf …

  • Diocese of Sodor and Man

    Sodor and Man is a diocese of the Church of England. Originally much larger, today it covers just the Isle of Man and its adjacent islets. Today, the bishop's offices are based in Douglas and the cathedral is in Peel.

  • Manx Electric Railway

    The Manx Electric Railway is an electric interurban tramway connecting Douglas, Laxey and Ramsey in the Isle of Man. It connects with the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway at its southern terminus at Derby Castle at the northern end of the promenade in Doug…

  • King William's College

    King William's College (Colleish Ree Illiam in Manx) is an International Baccalaureate HMC independent school for ages 3 to 18, situated near Castletown on the Isle of Man. The College is located on two sites in Castletown; the senior school occupie…

  • Castle Rushen

    Castle Rushen (Manx: Cashtal Rosien) is a medieval castle located in the Isle of Man's historic capital, Castletown, in the south of the island. It towers over the Market Square to the south-east and the harbour to the north-east.

  • Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man

    The Lieutenant Governor (Manx: Fo-chiannoort) is the representative on the Isle of Man of the Lord of Mann (currently Queen Elizabeth II). He/she has the power to grant Royal Assent and is styled His Excellency. In recent times the Governor has eith…

  • Snaefell Mountain Railway

    The Snaefell Mountain Railway (Manx: Raad-Yiarn Sniaull) is an electric mountain railway on the Isle of Man in Europe. It joins the village of Laxey with the summit of Snaefell, at 620 metres (2,034 ft) above sea level the highest point on the islan…

  • RAF Andreas

    Royal Air Force Station Andreas or more simply RAF Andreas is a former Royal Air Force station in the Isle of Man which was operational between 1941 and 1946. It was built in fields between Andreas and Bride.

  • St Patrick's Isle

    St Patrick's Isle (Manx: Ellan Noo Perick) is a small island off the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, largely occupied by Peel Castle and noted for its attractive and relatively well preserved historic castle ruins. These ruins include St Patrick's Chu…

  • RAF Jurby

    Royal Air Force Station Jurby or more simply RAF Jurby was a former Royal Air Force station built in the north west of the Isle of Man. It was opened in 1939 on 400 acres (1.6 km2) of land acquired by the Air Ministry in 1937, under the control of N…

  • Ayre

    (Manx: Inver Ayre) is one of six sheadings in the Isle of Man and consists of the parishes of Andreas, Bride and Lezayre.

  • Battle of Ronaldsway

    The Battle of Ronaldsway took place in 1275 at Ronaldsway in the southern part of the Isle of Man between a Scottish army and the Manx. The battle crushed the final attempt by the Manx to re-establish the Norse Sudreyar dynasty.

  • Groudle Glen Railway

    The Groudle Glen Railway is a 2 ft (610 mm) narrow gauge railway north of Douglas in the Isle of Man which is owned and operated by a small group of enthusiastic volunteers and operates on summer Sundays; May to September and Wednesday evenings in J…

  • St Michael's Isle

    St Michael's Isle (Manx: Ellan Noo Mael or Ynnys Vaayl), popularly referred to as Fort Island, is an island of the Isle of Man in Malew parish, noted for its attractive ruins. It covers an area of 5.14 hectares (12.7 acres), is about 400 metres (440…

  • St Mary's Isle

    St Mary's Isle (also known as Conister Rock or, colloquially, the Tower of Refuge, Manx: Kione y Sker or Creg Voirrey) is a partially submerged reef within Douglas Bay on the Isle of Man.

  • The Braaid

    The Braaid (known by locals as Rumpy) is an Iron Age roundhouse and two Norse long houses on this site represent its occupation until the 11th or 12th century AD in the parish of Marown in the Isle of Man.

  • Point of Ayre

    The Point of Ayre (Manx: Kione ny h-Ayrey) is the northernmost point of the Isle of Man. It lies at the northern end of Ramsey Bay 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) north of the town of Ramsey. The point can be accessed by the A16 road from Bride. Point of Ayr…

  • Jurby

    Jurby (Manx: Jourbee) is a parish in Michael Sheading in the Isle of Man and has, according to the 2006 census, 659 (2001 census 677) residents.