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  • Monastery of the Cross

    The Monastery of the Cross (Hebrew: מנזר המצלבה‎, Georgian: ჯვრის მონასტერი, jvris monast'eri) is an Eastern Orthodox monastery near the Nayot neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel.

  • Kuntillet Ajrud

    Kuntillet Ajrud (Arabic: كونتيلة عجرود‎) is a late 9th/early 8th centuries BCE site in the northeast part of the Sinai peninsula.

  • Heichal Shlomo

    Heichal Shlomo (Hekhal of Solomon: Hebrew: היכל שְׁלֹמֹה, Heikhal Shlomo; meaning 'Palace of Solomon') located adjacent to the Great Synagogue on King George Street, Jerusalem, was the former seat of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The building curre…

  • Haifa bus 37 suicide bombing

    The Haifa bus 37 suicide bombing was a suicide bombing carried out on March 5, 2003 on an Egged bus in Haifa, Israel. Seventeen passengers were killed in the attack and 53 were injured.Many of the victims were students from Haifa University.

  • Ein Bokek

    Ein Bokek (Hebrew: עין בוקק‎) is a hotel and resort district on the Israeli shore of the Dead Sea, near Neve Zohar.

  • Ben Yehuda Street (Jerusalem)

    Ben Yehuda Street (Hebrew: רחוב בן יהודה‎), known as the "Midrachov" (Hebrew: מדרחוב‎) is a major street in downtown Jerusalem. It joins with Jaffa Road and King George Street to form the Downtown Triangle central business district. It is now a pede…

  • White Mosque, Ramla

    The White Mosque (Arabic: المسجد الأبيضa-Masjid al-Abyad, Hebrew: המסגד הלבןhaMisgad haLavan) is an ancient Ummayad mosque in the city of Ramla, Israel. Only the minaret is still standing.

  • Talbiya

    Talbiya or Talbiyeh (Hebrew: טַ‏‏לְבִּיֶ‏‏‏ה, Arabic: الطالبية‎), officially Komemiyut, is an upscale neighborhood in Jerusalem, located between Rehavia and Katamon. It was built in the 1920s and 1930s on land purchased from the Greek Patriarchate.

  • HaMoshava Stadium

    HaMoshava Stadium (Hebrew: אִצְטַדְיוֹן הַמוֹשָׁבָה, Itztadion HaMoshava), also known as Petah Tikva Stadium, is a football stadium in Petah Tikva, Israel.

  • Nevatim Airbase

    Nevatim Israeli Air Force Base (IATA: VTM, ICAO: LLNV), also Air Force Base 28, is an Israeli Air Force base located southeast of Be'er Sheva, near moshav Nevatim. It was built as a rough runway in 1947 for the Sherut Avir, the air wing of the Hagan…

  • Kiryat Bialik

    Kiryat Bialik (Hebrew: קִרְייַת בְּיַאלִיק) (also Qiryat Bialik) is a city in the Haifa District in Israel. It is one of the five Krayot suburbs north of Haifa.

  • Hasbani River

    The Hasbani River (Arabic: الحاصباني‎ / ALA-LC: al-Ḥāṣbānī; ) or Snir Stream,(Hebrew: נחל שניר‎ / Nahal Snir), is the major tributary of the Jordan river. The Hasbani River derives most of its discharge from two springs in Lebanon, the Wazzani and t…

  • Gan HaShlosha National Park

    Gan HaShlosha National Park (Hebrew: גן השלושה‎, literally: "Park of the three"), also known by its Arabic name Sahne (Arabic: الساخنة‎, literally: "The hot (pool)"), is a national park in Israel.

  • Château Pèlerin

    Château Pèlerin, also known as Atlit Castle and Castle Pilgrim, is located on the northern coast of Israel about 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) south of Haifa. The Knights Templar began building it in 1218 during the Fifth Crusade. One of the major Crusader…

  • Burma Road (Israel)

    The Israeli "Burma Road" was a makeshift bypass road between the general vicinity of kibbutz Hulda and Jerusalem. It was built by Israeli forces headed by General Mickey Marcus during the 1948 Siege of Jerusalem.

  • 1938 Tiberias massacre

    The Tiberias massacre took place on October 2, 1938 during the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine, in the city of Tiberias. Tiberias was then located in the British Mandate of Palestine and today is located in the State of Israel.

  • Tel Dor

    Tel Dor (Kh. al-Burj or Tantura), is an archeological site located on Israel's Mediterranean coast, about 30 km south of Haifa. Lying on a small headland at the north side of a protected inlet, it is identified with D-jr of Egyptian sources, Biblica…

  • Shalom Meir Tower

    Shalom Meir Tower (Hebrew: מגדל שלום מאיר‎, Migdal Shalom Meir; commonly known as Migdal Shalom, Hebrew: מגדל שלום‎) is an office tower in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was Israel's first skyscraper.

  • Meron, Israel

    Meron (Hebrew: מֵירוֹן, Meron) is a moshav (cooperative village) on the slopes of Mount Meron, in the Upper Galilee in northern Israel near Safed, and within municipal jurisdiction of the Merom HaGalil Regional Council.

  • Matam, Haifa

    Matam (Hebrew מת"ם -מרכז תעשיות מדע Merkaz Ta'asiyut Mada lit. acronym of Scientific Industries Center), located at the southern entrance to Haifa, is the largest and oldest dedicated hi-tech parks in Israel.

  • Kiryat Motzkin

    Kiryat Motzkin (Hebrew: קִרְיַת מוֹצְקִין) is a city in the Haifa District of Israel, 8 kilometres (5 miles) north of the city of Haifa.

  • Hassan Bek Mosque

    The Hassan Bek Mosque (Hebrew: מסגד חסן בק‎), (Arabic: مسجد حسن بك‎), also known as the Hasan Bey Mosque, is considered to be one of the most well-known mosques located in Jaffa, which is now part of the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality in Israel.

  • Har Hotzvim

    Har Hotzvim (Hebrew: הר חוצבים‎, lit. Stonecutter's Mountain), also Campus of Science-Rich Industries (Hebrew: קריית תעשיות עתירות מדע‎, Kiryat Ta'asiyot Atirot Mada) is a high-tech industrial park located in northwest Jerusalem, Israel. It is the c…

  • Kinneret (archaeological site)

    Kinneret is the name of an important Bronze and Iron Age city situated on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee, mentioned in the Old Testament and in the Aqhat Epic of Ugarit. Older Bible translations name Kinneret alternatively Kinnereth or…

  • Emmaus Nicopolis

    Emmaus Nicopolis (lit. Emmaus City of Victory) was the Roman name for a city associated with the Emmaus of the New Testament, where Jesus is said to have appeared after his death and resurrection.

  • Canada Park

    Canada Park (Hebrew: פארק קנדה‎, Arabic:كندا حديقة), also Ayalon Park, is a national park stretching over 7,000 dunams (700 hectares) and maintained by the Jewish National Fund of Canada.

  • Beit HaKerem, Jerusalem

    Beit HaKerem (Hebrew: בית הכרם‎) is a largely secular upscale neighborhood in southwest Jerusalem. It is located between Kiryat Moshe to the northwest and Bayit VeGan to the south.

  • Battle of Haifa (1948)

    The Battle of Haifa, called by the Jewish forces Operation Bi'ur Hametz (Hebrew: מבצע ביעור חמץ‎, "Passover Cleaning") was a Haganah operation carried out on 21–22 April 1948. The objective of the operation was the capture of the Arab neighborhoods …