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  • HaKirya

    HaKirya, or The Kirya (Hebrew: הַקִּרְיָה, lit. The Campus), is an area in central Tel Aviv, containing the Tel-Aviv District government center and the major Israel Defense Forces base, Camp Rabin (Hebrew: מַחֲנֶה רַבִּין, Machaneh Rabin), named for…

  • Siege of Yodfat

    The Siege of Yodfat (Hebrew: יוֹדְפַת, also Jotapata, Iotapata, Yodefat) was a 47-day siege by Roman forces of the Jewish town of Yodfat which took place in 67 AD, during the Great Revolt. Led by Roman General Vespasian and his son Titus, both futur…

  • Endor (village)

    Endor was a Canaanite city which is listed in the Book of Joshua (Joshua 17:11) as one of the cities with its dependencies that the Israelites failed to dispossess.

  • International Convention Center (Jerusalem)

    The International Convention Centre (Hebrew: מרכז הקונגרסים הבינלאומי‎, Merkaz HaKongresim HaBeinLeumi), commonly known as Binyenei HaUma (Hebrew: בנייני האומה‎, lit. Buildings of the nation), is a concert hall and conventional center in Giv'at Ram …

  • Jerusalem Central Bus Station

    The Jerusalem Central Bus Station (Hebrew: התחנה המרכזית של ירושלים‎, HaTahanah HaMerkazit Shel Yerushalayim) is the main bus depot in Jerusalem, Israel and one of the busiest bus stations in the country. Located on Jaffa Road near the entrance to t…

  • Har HaMenuchot

    Har HaMenuchot (Hebrew: הר המנוחות‎, Ashkenazi pronunciation, Har HaMenuchos, lit. "Mount of Those who are Resting", also known as Givat Shaul Cemetery) is the largest cemetery in Jerusalem, Israel. The hilltop burial ground lies at the western edge…

  • Cathedral of St. James, Jerusalem

    The Cathedral of Sts. James (Armenian: Սրբոց Յակոբեանց Վանք Հայոց, or Saints Jacobs Armenian Cathedral) is a 12th-century Armenian church in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem, near the quarter's entry gate.

  • Yehud

    Yehud (Hebrew: יְהוּד) is a city in the Center District in Israel that is part of the joint municipality of Yehud-Monosson.

  • 1997 Israeli helicopter disaster

    The 1997 Israeli helicopter disaster occurred on 4 February 1997. 73 Israel Defense Forces soldiers were killed when two Sikorsky S-65C-3 Yas'ur 2000 helicopters, 357 and 903, collided over She'ar Yashuv in northern Israel. The helicopters were supp…

  • Beit HaNassi

    Beit HaNassi (Hebrew: בֵּית הַנָּשִׂיא President's House), also known as Mishkan HaNassi (Hebrew: משכן הנשיא "Presidential Residence") is the official residence of the President of Israel.

  • Tel Aviv Savidor Central Railway Station

    Tel Aviv Savidor Central Railway Station (Hebrew: תֵּל אָבִיב סָבִידוֹר מֶרְכָּז, Tel Aviv Savidor Merkaz, Arabic: تل أبيب مركز سافيدور‎) is the main central train station of Tel Aviv. It is one of the main railway hubs of Israel, located on the eas…

  • Savoy Hotel Attack

    The Savoy Hotel Attack was a terrorist attack by members of the Palestine Liberation Organization against the Savoy Hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel, on 4-5 March 1975.

  • Ness Ziona

    Ness Ziona (Hebrew: נֵס צִיּוֹנָה, Nes Tziyona) is a city in central Israel founded in 1883. At the end of 2009 the city had a total population of 38,100, and its jurisdiction was 15,579 dunams.

  • German Colony, Jerusalem

    The German Colony (Hebrew: המושבה הגרמנית‎, HaMoshava HaGermanit) is a neighborhood in Jerusalem, established in the second half of the 19th century by members of the German Temple Society.

  • Zion Gate

    Zion Gate (Hebrew: שַׁעַר צִיּוֹן, Shaar Zion, Arabic: Bab Sahyun) also known in Arabic as Bab Harat al-Yahud ("Jewish Quarter Gate"), or Bab an-Nabi Dawud ("Prophet David Gate"), is one of eight gates in the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art

    The Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Hebrew: מוזיאון תל אביב לאמנותMuze'on Tel Aviv Lamanut) is an art museum in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was established in 1932 in a building that was the home of Tel Aviv's first mayor, Meir Dizengoff. The Helena Rubinstein P…

  • Talpiot

    Talpiot (Hebrew: תלפיות‎, lit. 'turrets' or 'magnificently built'), is an Israeli neighborhood in southeast Jerusalem, established in 1922 by Zionist pioneers. It was built as a garden suburb on land purchased by the Tel Aviv-based Palestine Land De…

  • Sheba Medical Center

    The Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer (Hebrew: המרכז הרפואי ע"ש חיים שיבא – תל השומר‎), also Tel HaShomer Hospital, is a hospital in Israel, located in the Tel HaShomer area of Ramat Gan.

  • Mamilla

    Mamilla (Hebrew: ממילא‎) is a neighbourhood of Jerusalem that was established in the late 19th century outside the Old City, west of the Jaffa Gate. Until 1948 it was a mixed Jewish-Arab business district. Between the 1948 and 1967, it was located a…

  • Upper Galilee

    The Upper Galilee (Hebrew: הגליל העליון‎, HaGalil Ha'Elion) is a geographical-political term in use since the end of the Second Temple period, originally referring to a mountainous area overlapping the present northern Israel and southern Lebanon, i…

  • Rehavia

    Rehavia (also Rechavia) (Hebrew: רחביה‎) is an upscale Jerusalem neighborhood located between the city center and Talbiya.

  • Ramat David Airbase

    Ramat David Israeli Air Force Base (ICAO: LLRD, Hebrew: בָּסִיס חֵיל-הַאֲוִיר רָמַת דָּוִד Basis Kheil HaAvir Ramat David) is one of three principal airbases of the Israeli Air Force, located southeast of Haifa, close to kibbutz Ramat David and Megi…

  • Neve Shalom

    Neve Shalom (Hebrew: נְוֵה שָׁלוֹם, lit. Oasis of Peace), also known as Wāħat as-Salām (Arabic: واحة السلام‎) is a cooperative village jointly founded by Israeli Jews and Palestinian-Israeli Arabs in an attempt to show that the two peoples can live …

  • Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Jerusalem

    The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer is the second Protestant church in Jerusalem (the first being Christ Church near Jaffa Gate). It is a property of the Evangelical Jerusalem Foundation, one of the three foundations of the Evangelical Church in Ger…

  • Kafr Qasim

    Kafr Qasim (Hebrew: כַּפְר קָאסִם, Arabic: كفر قاسم‎), also known as Kafr Qassem, Kufur Kassem, Kfar Kassem and Kafar Kassem, is a hill-top Israeli Arab city located about 20 km (12 mi) east of Tel Aviv, near the Green Line separating Israel and the…

  • Kafr Kanna

    Kafr Kanna (Arabic: كفر كنا‎, Kafr Kanā; Hebrew: כַּפְר כַּנָּא) is an Arab town in the Tur'an Valley in Galilee, part of the North District of Israel. It is associated with the New Testament village of Cana, where Jesus turned water into wine.

  • Independence Hall (Israel)

    Independence Hall, originally the Dizengoff House (Hebrew: בית דיזנגוף‎) is the site of the signing of Israel's Declaration of Independence. It is located on the historic Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Israel. From 1932 to 1971 housing the Tel Av…

  • Habima Theatre

    The Habima Theatre (Hebrew: הבימה - התיאטרון הלאומי‎, lit. "The Stage"), is the national theatre of Israel and one of the first Hebrew language theatres.