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  • Budapest University of Jewish Studies

    The Budapest University of Jewish Studies (Hungarian: Országos Rabbiképző – Zsidó Egyetem, or Országos Rabbiképző Intézet / Jewish Theological Seminary – University of Jewish Studies / German: Landesrabbinerschule in Budapest) is a university in Bud…

  • Budafok

    Budafok (German: Promontor; literally "Promontory near Buda, or Buda Point") is a neighbourhood in Budapest, Hungary. It is situated in the southwestern part of Buda, near the Danube, and belongs to District XXII.

  • Bodrog

    The Bodrog is a river in eastern Slovakia and north-eastern Hungary. It is a tributary to the river Tisza. The Bodrog is formed by the confluence of the rivers Ondava and Latorica near Zemplin (village) in eastern Slovakia. It crosses the Slovak–Hun…

  • Berettyóújfalu

    Berettyóújfalu is a town in Hajdú-Bihar county, in center of the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary. It is 40 km south from Debrecen (the second largest city in Hungary), and about 35 km from Oradea (Romania).

  • Balatonring

    Balatonring was to be a 4.650 km long motor racing circuit, located in Sávoly, Hungary near Central and South Europe's biggest lake Balaton. The circuit is located about 180 km away from Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. Spain's Balatonring Zrt…

  • Bakony

    Bakony is a mountainous region in Transdanubia, Hungary. It forms the largest part of the Transdanubian Mountains.

  • Aquincum Museum

    The Aquincum Museum is a museum in Budapest, Hungary,. Archeological findings from the remains of Aquincum are on display there. These include items from the local Mithraeum.

  • Vaja

    Vaja is a town in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.

  • Dunaferr Arena

    Dunaferr Arena is a multi-use stadium in Dunaújváros, Hungary, with a capacity of 12,000. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home of football club Dunaújváros Pálhalma.

  • Sió

    Sió is an artificial channel in central Hungary. It is the outlet of Lake Balaton. It flows out of the lake in the city Siófok. It flows along the city Szekszárd, and a few km east of this city it flows into the river Danube.

  • Rózsadomb

    The area known as Rózsadomb (German: Rosenhügel, Turkish: Gültepe, lit.:"Rose Hill") is a wealthy area of the Buda side of Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

  • Orosháza

    Orosháza is a city situated in the westernmost part of Békés county, Hungary, on the Békés ridge bordered by the rivers Maros and Körös. Orosháza is an important cultural, educational and recreational centre of the region.

  • Kossuth tér

    Kossuth Lajos square (Hungarian: Kossuth Lajos tér, formerly Kossuth square Kossuth tér) is situated in the Lipótváros neighbourhood of Budapest, Hungary, on the bank of the Danube. Its most notable landmark is the Hungarian Parliament Building (Hun…

  • Heves

    Heves is a small city in eastern Hungary. About 100 km east of Budapest, Heves lies at the northern extreme of the Great Hungarian Plain (Nagyalfold), just south of the Mátra and Bükk hills and west of the Tisza River. Heves shares its name with a H…

  • Hajdúböszörmény

    Hajdúböszörmény is a town in North Eastern Hungary with a population of approximately 30,000 people. It is also known as a famous college town with an excellent academic atmosphere, as it is home to one of the faculties of the world's 551st best uni…

  • Elek

    Elek (Romanian: Aletea) is a town in Békés county, in the Southern Great Plain region of south-east Hungary.

  • Egerszalók

    Egerszalók is an open-air spa and village (population 2,311) located in Heves County in northeastern Hungary. The springs yield 68°C. mineral water from an aquifer located under the volcanic Mátra Mountains. The spa is located 8 km west of the count…

  • DVTK Stadion

    DVTK Stadion is a multi-purpose stadium in Miskolc, Hungary. It is the playing field of the local football association and is currently the home of the Diósgyőri VTK.

  • Buj

    Buj is a village in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.

  • Elizabeth Lookout, Budapest

    The Elizabeth Lookout (Hungarian: Erzsébet-kilátó) is a historic lookout tower on János-hegy above Budapest. Built in 1911, the tower was named after Empress Elisabeth, wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I. Frigyes Schulek was the architect.

  • Batthyány tér

    Batthyány Square (Hungarian: Batthyány tér) is a town square in Budapest. It is located on the Buda side of the Danube directly opposite the Hungarian Parliament Building.

  • Zero Kilometre Stone (Budapest)

    The Zero Kilometre Stone is a 3 m high limestone sculpture in Budapest, forming a zero sign, with an inscription on its pedestal reading "KM" for kilometres. This stone marks the reference point from which all road distances to Budapest are measured…

  • Zala County (former)

    Zala was an administrative county (comitatus) of the Kingdom of Hungary. Its territory is now in southwestern Hungary, northern Croatia and eastern Slovenia. The territory of the county comprised what is now the Hungarian county Zala and part of Ves…