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  • Aggtelek National Park

    Aggtelek National Park (Hungarian: Aggteleki Nemzeti Park) is a national park in Northern Hungary, in the Aggtelek Karst region. It was founded in 1985. It contains 198.92 km² (of which 39.22 km² are under increased protection).

  • Votive Church of Szeged

    The Votive Church and Cathedral of Our Lady of Hungary (Hungarian: Szegedi dóm or Fogadalmi templom) is a twin-spired church in Szeged. It lies on Dóm square beside the Dömötör tower.

  • Sóstói Stadion

    The Sóstói Stadion is a multi-purpose stadium in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, primarily used for football matches. The stadium holds 14,300 people and is the home of reigning Hungarian champions Videoton FC.

  • Mogyoród

    The town is 18 km from Budapest next to the M3 freeway in the valley of the Gödöllői-hills. Its highest point is the Somlyó-mountain, (Gyertyános 326m) which can be seen from the freeway or the HÉV. Many people move here because of its proximity to …

  • Kőbánya

    Kőbánya (literally: Quarry, German: Steinbruch) is the 10th district of Budapest (Hungarian: Budapest X. kerülete) and one of the largest by territory.

  • Kispest

    Kispest (lit. Little Pest) is the 19th (XIX) district of Budapest, Hungary. It lies to the south-southeast of the historical Pest city. It was founded in 1871 on rural land as a small village beside the city limits of Budapest, so it was named Kispe…

  • Kiskőrös

    Kiskőrös (Slovak: Malý Kereš / Kiškereš, Yiddish: קישקעריש Kishkerish, Croatian: Kireš;) is a town in Bács-Kiskun, Hungary. It is located at around (46°37′14″N19°17′19″E).

  • Karcag

    Karcag is a large town in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, in the Northern Great Plain region of central Hungary.

  • Ilk

    Ilk is a village in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.

  • Döge

    Döge is a village in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.

  • Domica

    Domica is the biggest cave in the Slovak Karst in southern Slovakia, Rožňava District. It is a part of the cave complex that continues into the cave Baradla (Aggtelek) in Hungary. It was discovered in 1926 by Ján Majko. Since 1932, 1,600 metres (5,2…

  • Dark Gate

    The Dark Gate (or alternatively Dark Portal, Hungarian: Sötétkapu) is a tunnel located under the artificial slopes of Castle hill, near the St.

  • Újfehértó

    Újfehértó (Yiddish, German: Ratzfert) is a small town in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.

  • Veszprém Aréna

    Veszprém Aréna is an indoor sports and events hall in Veszprém, Hungary, known for its enthralling atmosphere. It is the home ground of the top-class handball club MKB Veszprém KC, that regularly host the best teams of Europe. The city has a first d…

  • Tabán

    Tabán usually refers to an area within the 1st district of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It lies on the Buda (i.e. Western) side of the Danube, to the south of György Dózsa Square, on the northern side of Elisabeth Bridge and to the east of Naph…

  • Széchenyi square (Pécs)

    Széchenyi square is the main square in the historical centre of Pécs, Hungary. In the Middle Ages it served as the market place of the town with the city hall and the parish church. Before the square was named Széchenyi in 1864 it had had several ot…

  • Somló

    Somló (German: Schomlau, the corresponding adjective, meaning of Somló as in wines of Somló in Hungarian is: somlói) is an 832 hectare wine region in Veszprém county, in the North-West of Hungary. Most of the region is situated on the slopes of an e…

  • Reformed Great Church of Debrecen

    The Reformed Great Church or Great Reformed Church in Debrecen (Hungarian: Nagytemplom) is located in the city of Debrecen. It stands in the city centre, between Kossuth square and Calvin square. It is the symbol of the Protestant Church in Hungary,…

  • Népliget (Budapest Metro)

    Népliget is a station on the M3 (North-South) line of the Budapest Metro. The station lies under the intersection of Üllői Avenue and Könyves Kálmán Boulevard, and named after the city park Népliget.

  • Lake Tisza

    Lake Tisza (Hungarian: Tisza-tó), also known as Kisköre Reservoir (Hungarian: Kiskörei-víztározó), is the largest artificial lake in Hungary.

  • Horgoš

    Horgoš (Serbian: Хоргош, Horgoš, Hungarian: Horgos) is a village located in Kanjiža municipality, in the North Banat District of Serbia. It is situated in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. The village has a Hungarian ethnic majority(83.82%) and …

  • Diósgyőr

    Diósgyőr is a historical town in Hungary, today it is a part of Miskolc. The medieval castle in Diósgyőr was a favourite holiday residence of Hungarian kings and queens; today it is a popular tourist attraction. The city part has a heavy industrial …

  • Békés

    Békés (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈbeːkeːʃ]; Slovak: Békéš, Romanian: Bichiş) is a town in Békés county, Hungary.