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  • Battle of the Black River

    The Battle of Black River was a series of conflicts between April and August 1782 during the American War of Independence. They were fought between British and Spanish forces for control of the Black River settlement, located on the Caribbean coast …

  • Lake Yojoa

    Lake Yojoa is the largest lake in Honduras with a surface area of 79 square kilometers (30.50 mi²) and an average depth of 15 meters (50 ft). At an altitude of 700 meters (2,300 ft), it lies in a depression formed by volcanoes.

  • Estadio Tiburcio Carías Andino

    The Estadio Nacional (official name) is a multi-purpose stadium in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. It is used mostly for Association football matches. The stadium has a capacity of 34,000 and it is the home of football clubs C.D. Motagua and C.D.

  • Coco River

    The Río Coco, formerly known as the Río Segovia, Cape River, or Yara River, is a river in southern Honduras and northern Nicaragua.

  • Cosigüina

    Cosigüina (also spelt Cosegüina) is a stratovolcano located in the western part of Nicaragua. It forms a large peninsula extending into the Gulf of Fonseca. The summit is truncated by a large caldera, 2 x 2.4 km in diameter and 500 m deep, holding a…

  • 2009 Honduras earthquake

    The 2009 Honduras earthquake occurred on May 28 at 02:24:45 AM local time with a moment magnitude of 7.3. The epicenter was located in the Caribbean Sea, 64 kilometres (40 mi) northeast of the island of Roatán, 130 kilometres (81 mi) north-northeast…

  • Yoro Department

    Yoro is one of the 18 departments into whith the Central American nation of Honduras is divided. The department contains rich agricultural lands, concentrated mainly on the valley of the Aguan River and the Sula Valley, on opposite ends. The departm…

  • Puerto Castilla, Honduras

    Puerto Castilla is a village in the Colón Department of Honduras located approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) north of Trujillo. This port city on the Caribbean Sea (Atlantic Ocean) was the one-time site of the United Fruit Company's Castilla Divisio…

  • Cerro Las Minas

    Cerro Las Minas is the highest mountain in Honduras. Cerro Las Minas is located in the rugged and relatively isolated Lempira Department in the western part of the country.

  • Tiger Island

    El Tigre is an island located in the Gulf of Fonseca, a body of water on the Pacific coast of Central America. The island is a conical basaltic stratovolcano and the southernmost volcano in Honduras. It belongs to Valle department.

  • Tocoa, Colón

    Tocoa, Colón is a municipality and a city in the northern Honduran department of Colón slightly inland at 38 m elevation in the valley of Aguán on the right bank of the river.

  • Perquín

    Perquín is a municipality in the Morazán department of El Salvador. It is home to the Museum of the Revolution, which contains artifacts and exhibits related to the Salvadoran Civil War. Exhibits include a recreation of Radio Venceremos, a civil war…

  • El Mozote

    El Mozote is a village in the Morazán department in El Salvador. It was the site of the El Mozote massacre during the civil war in December 1981 when nearly 1,000 civilians were killed by the U.S.

  • Patuca River

    The Patuca is a river in northeastern Honduras, formed southeast of Juticalpa by the merger of the Guayape and Guayambre rivers.