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  • Yung Kee

    Yung Kee (Chinese: 鏞記) is a Chinese restaurant located on Wellington Street in Central, Hong Kong. It is most famous for its roast goose.

  • Tung Lung Chau

    Tung Lung Chau (Chinese: 東龍洲, lit. eastern dragon island), also known as Nam Tong Island (南堂島) is an island located off the tip of the Clear Water Bay Peninsula in the New Territories of Hong Kong. It is also referred by Hong Kong people as Tung Lun…

  • The Summit (Hong Kong)

    The Summit (Chinese: 御峰; Jyutping: jyu6 fung1) is a residential skyscraper located in Happy Valley, Hong Kong. It is one of the tallest residential buildings in the city, standing at 220 metres (722 ft) tall, with 65 storeys.

  • St. Stephen's Girls' College

    St Stephen's Girls' College (Chinese: 聖士提反女子中學), known as SSGC, which is one of the grant schools under Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (Anglican Church), is a top girls' schools in Hong Kong. Originally on Caine Road, the school moved to its current locat…

  • Po Toi

    Po Toi (commonly Chinese: 蒲台島, originally 蒲苔島) is the main island of the Po Toi Islands and the southernmost island of Hong Kong, with an area of 3.69 km².

  • Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

    Hong Kong Adventist Hospital (Chinese: 香港港安醫院) is one of two Adventist Hospitals in Hong Kong, the other being Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital. It is a private sector hospital, and is located on Hong Kong Island.

  • Graham Street

    Graham Street (Chinese: 嘉咸街) is a street in Hong Kong and location of Graham Street Market, one of the oldest markets in Victoria City.

  • Citygate

    Citygate Outlets (T: 東薈城, S: 东荟城, P: Dōnghuì Chéng) is owned by a consortium of Hong Kong's leading property developers and managed by Swire Properties Management Limited. When it first opened for business in 2000, the mall was simply known as Cityg…

  • Choi Hung Estate

    Choi Hung Estate (Chinese: 彩虹邨; pinyin: Cǎihóng Cūn; Jyutping: coi2 hung4 cyun1, Choi Hung in Cantonese means Rainbow.) is one of the oldest public housing estates in Hong Kong, located in the Wong Tai Sin District of Kowloon. The estate was built b…

  • Bowen Road

    Bowen Road (寶雲道) is a road from the Mid-levels to Wong Nai Chung Gap of Hong Kong Island, on the slope above Central, Wan Chai and Happy Valley in Hong Kong.

  • Bonham Strand

    Bonham Strand (Chinese: 文咸街) is a combination of two streets in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong: Bonham Strand (文咸東街) and Bonham Strand West (文咸西街).

  • 9 Queen's Road Central

    9 Queen's Road Central is a skyscraper located in the Central district of Hong Kong. The tower rises 39 floors and 187 metres (614 ft) in height. The building was completed in 1991. It was designed by architectural firm Wong Tung & Partners, and was…

  • West Island School

    West Island School (Chinese: 西島中學, Abbreviated: WIS) is a co-educational, private, international secondary school in Hong Kong. The campus is a purpose-built development located at 250 Victoria Road, Pokfulam on the slopes of Mount Davis, Hong Kong …

  • St Stephen's College (Hong Kong)

    St Stephen's College (Chinese: 聖士提反書院) is a Christian Direct Subsidy Scheme co-educational secondary school located in Stanley, Hong Kong. With an area of about 150,000 m² (15 hectares), the College is the largest secondary school in Hong Kong, and …

  • Sham Tseng

    Sham Tseng (Chinese: 深井, literally "deep well") is a coastal area in Tsuen Wan District, Hong Kong, between Ting Kau and Tsing Lung Tau.

  • Sai Yeung Choi Street

    Sai Yeung Choi Street (Chinese: 西洋菜街) are two streets in Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, namely, Sai Yeung Choi Street South (西洋菜南街) and Sai Yeung Choi Street North (西洋菜北街). Although officially two streets, local people seldom make distinction between…

  • Park Island

    Park Island (Chinese: 珀麗灣; Jyutping: paak3 lai6 waan1) is a private housing estate located at Ma Wan, an island in Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong. It was mainly developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties as part of the Ma Wan Development joint vent…

  • Matilda International Hospital

    Matilda International Hospital (Chinese: 明德國際醫院) is a hospital in Hong Kong located at 41 Mount Kellett Road, The Peak, Hong Kong Island. The hospital was built as a result of the last will and testament of Granville Sharp, the husband of Matilda Li…

  • Kwong Yuen Estate

    Kwong Yuen Estate (Chinese: 廣源邨) is a public housing estate and Tenants Purchase Scheme estate in Siu Lek Yuen, Sha Tin, Hong Kong. Unlike other public estates in Sha Tin, Kwong Yuen Estate is built on sloping platform, instead of reclaimed land.

  • Immigration Tower

    The Immigration Tower (Chinese: 入境事務大樓) is a skyscraper located in the Wan Chai District of Hong Kong completed in 1990. The tower rises 49 floors and 181 metres (594 ft) in height. The Immigration Tower, which stands as the 93rd-tallest building in…

  • Heng Fa Chuen

    Heng Fa Chuen (Chinese: 杏花邨) is a residential estate in the northeast of Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, jointly developed by MTR Corporation and Kerry Properties.

  • Green Island, Hong Kong

    Green Island (Chinese: 青洲) is an island off the northwest coast of Kennedy Town on the Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong, separated by the Sulphur Channel. A smaller island nearby to the east, uninhabited, is called Little Green Island (小青洲).

  • Fortress Hill

    Fortress Hill (Chinese: 炮台山; Jyutping: paau3 toi4 saan1; Pau Toi Shan) is a hill and an area on the north shore of Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It is the namesake of Fortress Hill Holdings. Fortress Hill includes the western part of North Point lyin…

  • Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum

    The Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum (Chinese: 孫中山紀念館) is a museum in Central, Hong Kong, China. It is located in Kom Tong Hall (Chinese: 甘棠第), at 7 Castle Road, Central.

  • China Hong Kong City

    China Hong Kong City (Chinese: 中港城) is a commercial complex including five office towers which have a shopping centre, office buildings, a hotel and a ferry terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is situated along Canton Road, next to The…

  • Bellagio (Hong Kong)

    Bellagio (Chinese: 碧堤半島 "Bik Tai Bun Do") is a private housing estate at the reclaimed land outside Castle Peak Road, Sham Tseng, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong.