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  • Delia School of Canada, Hong Kong

    The Delia School of Canada, Hong Kong (Chinese: 地利亞加拿大學校), is a Canadian International school on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. The school is registered in the province of Ontario as a private school, and has students from over 48 countries.

  • Chung Fu Stop

    The Chung Fu Stop (Chinese: 頌富站) is a MTR Light Rail stop. It is located above the roundabout of Tin Shui Road (Chinese: 天瑞路) and Tin Wah Road (Chinese: 天華路), next to Chung Fu Shopping Centre (Chinese: 頌富商場), in Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long District. It …

  • Ching Chung Stop

    Ching Chung Stop or Tsing Chung Stop (Chinese: 青松站) is a MTR Light Rail stop located on the ground at Tsing Lun Road (Chinese: 青麟路) in Tuen Mun District, near Ching Chung Koon (Chinese: 青松觀).

  • Chi Ma Wan

    Chi Ma Wan (Chinese: 芝麻灣) is a bay on southeastern Lantau Island, New Territories, Hong Kong. Chi Ma Wan Peninsula (芝麻灣半島) is where Chi Ma Wan, as well as Cheung Sha Wan, Tai Long Wan, Yi Long Wan and Mong Tung Wan are located.

  • Belcher's Street

    Belcher's Street (Chinese: 卑路乍街; Cantonese Yale: bei1 lou6 ja3 gaai1) is a main street in Kennedy Town of Hong Kong. It connects east Victoria Road and joins west Queen's Road West.

  • Beijing University International Hospital

    Peking University International Hospital (Chinese: 北大国际医院; pinyin: běidàguójìyīyuàn) is a non-profit hospital affiliated with Peking University. It is a combination of medicare, teaching and research to be in line with the international practices, t…

  • Arbuthnot Road

    Arbuthnot Road is a thoroughfare in Hong Kong's Central District. The road begins at the site of the former colony's first official home of the British justice, the Central Magistracy. The Central Magistracy, located at No. 1 Arbuthnot Road, is a de…

  • Broadway Cinematheque

    Broadway Cinematheque (Chinese: 百老匯電影中心) is a cinema in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong, run by Broadway Circuit. Located in Prosperous Garden, a private housing estate, the cinema provides a wider spectrum of films than other cinemas in Hong Kong. The cinema…

  • Yuk Hui Temple

    Yuk Hui Temple (Chinese: 玉虛宮, lit. "Palace of the Jade Void") also known as Pak Tai Temple (Chinese: 北帝廟), is a taoist temple located on the island of Cheung Chau, Hong Kong.

  • Victoria Road, Hong Kong

    Victoria Road (Chinese: 域多利道; Cantonese Yale: wik6 do1 lei6 dou6) is a main road near the west shore of Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong connecting Kennedy Town and Wah Fu and an alternative connection of Pok Fu Lam Road.

  • Tuen Mun Stop

    Tuen Mun Stop (Chinese: 屯門站) is a Light Rail stop which belongs to zone 2. There are two platforms in Tuen Mun Stop. This Light Rail stop is located above Pui To Road and Ho Pong Street and north of Tuen Mun Park.

  • Tuen Mun Hospital

    Tuen Mun Hospital (Chinese: 屯門醫院) is a public hospital with a 24 hour casualty unit situated in northern Tuen Mun in the New Territories, Hong Kong.

  • Tuen Mun Ferry Pier Stop

    Tuen Mun Ferry Pier Stop (Chinese: 屯門碼頭站) is an MTR Light Rail terminus located at ground level inside Pierhead Garden, Tuen Mun Ferry Pier, Wu Chui Road in Tuen Mun, Tuen Mun District. It began service on September 18, 1988, and belongs to Zone 1. …

  • Tsing Lung Tau

    Tsing Lung Tau (Chinese: 青龍頭; literally: "Head of the green dragon") is a built-up area in the southwest coast of the New Territories in Hong Kong.

  • Tsang Tai Uk

    Tsang Tai Uk (曾大屋 or "Big House of the Tsangs"), also known as Shan Ha Wai ("Walled Village at the Mountain's Foot"), is a Hakka walled village in Hong Kong, and one of the best preserved.

  • Tregunter Towers

    The Tregunter Towers (Chinese: 地利根德閣) is a complex of three residential buildings located in The Peak on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. All three highrises, named Tregunter 1 (地利根德閣第一座), Tregunter 2 (地利根德閣第二座), and Tregunter 3 (地利根德閣第三座), were designe…

  • The Peak Galleria

    The Peak Galleria (Chinese: 山頂廣場) is a leisure and shopping complex and tourist attraction located at Victoria Gap, near the summit of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. The architecture firm Aedas designed The Peak Galleria. It is owned …

  • The Harbourfront Landmark

    The Harbourfront Landmark (Chinese: 海名軒; Jyutping: hoi2 meng4 hin1) is a 70-floor 233 meter (763 foot) tall skyscraper completed in 2001 located in Hung Hom in the western Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong.

  • Taikoo Dockyard

    Taikoo Dockyard and Engineering Company (Chinese: 太古船塢) was a dockyard in what is now Taikoo Shing, MTR Tai Koo Station and part of Taikoo Place of Quarry Bay on the Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong.

  • Shek Pai Stop

    The Shek Pai Stop (Chinese: 石排站) is a MTR Light Rail stop located on the ground at the junction of Shek Pai Tau Road (Chinese: 石排頭路) and Ming Kum Road (Chinese: 鳴琴路) in Tuen Mun District.

  • Sha Tin Airfield

    Sha Tin Airfield was a small military airfield in Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong, which had a single concrete runway. The airfield was located along the Shing Mun River and looked out to Tide Cove.

  • Sceneway Garden

    Sceneway Garden (Chinese: 匯景花園) is a private housing estate in Lam Tin, Hong Kong, built by Cheung Kong Holdings, completed in 1992.

  • San Wai Stop

    The San Wai Stop (Chinese: 新圍站) is a MTR Light Rail stop located on the ground at Tin King Road (Chinese: 田景路) in Tuen Mun District, near San Wai Court (Chinese: 新圍苑).

  • Sam Shing Stop

    Sam Shing Stop (Chinese: 三聖站) is a MTR Light Rail terminus located on the ground near Hoi Wing Road, inside Hanford Garden and next to Sam Shing Estate in Tuen Mun District, Hong Kong.